Leasehackr Meme Lounge (Part 2)

Not a single one of us lives in the nyc tristate.


I heard Aronchi does nationwide now, you’re good to text him


Especially on the weekend, the best deal happens at 3am :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough… Though I will say, there are apparently 8 tri-state areas in the Northeast alone, so maybe…?

with all of the crap you write about me, how much back rent do i owe you for living in your head?

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Enough for an NYC court to actually evict you.

Mid-East pour moi, Southern states for Mllcb, and DMV for Ursus.



Crap? LOL, what a thin skin you have especially for someone who calls other illiterate.

no but if you actually take a look at what i wrote and why i wrote it, you should probably understand. i realize i’m not the most salesyest person on this forum. that’s fine. i’m not trying to be. i value clients whose time is valuable. my clients know me as a no-bs, get-things-done guy. they know i lead with my best foot forward, and they know that so long as they have realistic market pricing expectations, i’ll get them the best deal with minimal hassle.

you’ll notice the dealers / brokers on this forum who write crap like “what are you looking to accomplish today?” and then write stuff with a bunch of exclamation points, are also the ones that get toasted for crappy reviews when they ghost their clientele after passing them off to their dealers, having collected money and run. That’s not me.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you have build your own reputation here. Yes, on the one hand, you do have a good deal, and for some potential customers, the transaction is smooth. However, there’s also another side of you where you treat potential customers with crap just because they do not fit your criteria in some ways. Take a look at your latest drama -

bcoop99: Respectable that Aronchi is offering no-fee deals, however I could not get a response after several texts, a call, submitted an inquiry, and left a message on the forum.

Respond: But for some reason, submitting an inquiry on the 28th of a month, especially one in which dealer management tools are down, and then following up during a week when we’re at our dealers, helping them roll cars and clear the backlog, and, more importantly, reaching out on a car that is long since sold out, entitles to a response. Got it.

bcoop99: How was I, as a customer, supposed to know ANY of that? I reached out for a polestar which on your spreadsheet still says available. Avoid this broker folks

This whole interaction can be avoided with simple reply:

  1. I’m sorry, I haven’t updated my spreadsheet, the car you were looking for no longer available.
  2. I’m sorry, I’m swamped right now, I’ll contact you again when I have time.

and even when he posted on your review thread, you can always reply with those 2,
You have plenty of options to de-escalate this, yet you choose to escalate instead & burn bridges.

But hey, tristate area do have plenty of other potential customers and it seems that’s enough for you.

My only question: Do you treat your dealers like how you treat some of these clients? Since you have no problem sharing text, surely you have no problem proving you treat those dealers similar to what you did here when they push your button.


You’re right. Calling someone “illiterate” is definitely not salesy. It’s also pretty damn indecent on a human level.


no. they pay me.

Who are we to kinkshame people who want to pay to get spit, peed or shat upon?

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You are confusing being reasonable with being salesy. A friend of mine recently leased a car with your help. Looks like you went above and beyond for him and he was very happy. Surprisingly, you are lacking very basic communication skills.

Not responding to customer requests or messages, who aren’t your ideal customers, is definitely not a good practice but in your case I think it will be a huge step forward for yourself and your business. People will lose interest and you won’t be a source of material in this topic.

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Let @aronchi run his business as he sees fit. Similar to how most stores qualify you as a potential customer based on how you present yourself, brokers qualify customers as well based on what’s being asked of them. Incredibly vague inquiries often mean that the customer is not ready to move, which is why a broker might put those requests on the back burner vs someone with money in hand.


Don’t be bagging on Elon’s Cylons!!!

My daughter swears this says “ZERBAK”
So that’s what we call them