Leased car accident (Audi Q5)

This is one of the benefits of leasing that I don’t hear talked about often (not taking the depreciation hit and hassle of trying to sell a car with a dirty accident history).

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Also, in high tax areas like LA, people pay the 9.5% tax on the full sales amount if they buy, and then sell the car later for half that…effectively paying nearly 20% tax!

If he owned the car he would be able to submit a diminished value claim. Can’t do that on a lease.

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The insurance company is not writing him a check for any amount.
The insurance company will pay Audi Finance less his deducible. He will also pay his insurance deductible to Audi. And Gap does not cover your insurance deductible, AFAIK.

Hes not at fault so no deductible involved.

There is a deductible, he goes through his insurance. Doesn’t matter who’s at fault, but he will be reimbursed.

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I totaled my wife’s Volvo less than a year into it. We were given a check with positive equity minus deductible. I got the deductible back after both insurance companies settled it was other drivers fault. I hope you have GAP

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All audi leases have gap so that’s not a question if he has it or not.

Ehh it all depends on the deductible but that’s irrelevant I guess since its either reimbursed or if it’s the same company involved none is taken.

Just never live in michigan it’s a no fault state lol


I collected diminished value twice on a leased car.

Learned something new about my Audi Lease

How did you provide proof for diminished value? I never knock on wood got hit but always wondered as I hear about this often. My friend lost a claim against it even though he got hit. He provided cars that were clean no accidents and a few that had 1 accidents.

People who are unsure of what they are talking about should refrain from commenting. Insurance pays out ACV, which may be more, less or equal to the lease balance. Any surplus belongs to the insured party, the lessee.


Delete delete.

Good to know, diminished value for a leased car can be claimed too! Did you need to share with your leasing company? I would think they would demand a portion of that money since they will be the owner after leasing ends.

As a side note. I am making the claim through my own insurance. Police report is not yet available, still don’t know at-fault party’s insurance information. Yesterday, I asked my insurance about compensation for loss value of use my vehicle. Based on my own research, I can either rent a similar car or just get the money if I don’t rent a car. But my insurance (liberty mutual) told me that if I don’t have the rental receipt, I cannot get the money. Is that true? This is in CA.

My car was i two accidents. First one was a mess. Newspaper delivery guy driving an Enterprise rental car, backed into my driveway to turnaround and hit my car. The drivers insurance paid for all the rental coverage. Enterprise is self insured. They sent someone to estimate the damage and came up with $1280. The dealer came up with $3100. I was in one of their rental cars for 32 days dealing with this mess. I hired a lawyer to send a letter of demand for diminished value due to the car fax entry. I asked for $2500, we settled on $1600.

Some time later a lady side swiped me on the highway, ripping off my mirror. She took off, I followed with the police on the phone. Police stopped her. That one was also a bit of a mess. $475 for a new mirror and repairs, 21 days in a rental car because her insurance insisted on finding a used mirror. After 7 days gave up and authorized a new one, which had parts of it on backorder. But at last the insurance company was pleasant when I asked for diminished value of $2000 since now when I go to trade the car in it is no longer a car that can be resold as a certified used car, so worth less. They offered $600 and I accepted that

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What state do you live in? I’m surprised it’s allowed as the bank owns the vehicle not you. I’ve had two accidents involving extensive damage (>$10k) in two different states and in both cases the insurance company (All State, Geico) sent me documentation stating the state law does not allow for diminished value claim on a leased vehicle. The one vehicle (550i) had $23k in damage. Thankfully there was only 5 months left on the lease.


I just don’t really understand what happens to these cars? What kind of person is picking up a 3 year old 550i which previously had a $23k repair job at auction? - The same with this Q5. An expensive german vehicle with an extensive repair history is absolutely guaranteed to be a complete headache for everyone involved with it until it’s scrapped surely?

A person who wants his neighbors to think he can afford a 550i, when he really can’t.


Well that person is a silly rabbit. That’s what leasing is for!

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