Leased car accident (Audi Q5)

Entitlement? For example, I was planning to keep this vehicle and buy it after the lease. I’ve invested into this vehicle, did more frequent service, and put money down. However, now I lose all of my investments, while not being at fault. How is it being fair to me to lose all the “investment” money for this vehicle from the insurance that I PAID PREMIUM FOR? In my case, there’s 10k on the line. Do you think it’s fair that I paid the most for the insurance on this vehicle and lose all the equity, but Audi, besides fully being paid for the asset, gets another 10k on top? They’ve already made a profit, didn’t they?

Putting money down on a lease doesn’t help you at all on a lease end buy out… the RV doesn’t change based on how much you pay up front, so none of that was an investment.


Here is something I learned a long time ago, as a little kid:

Life is not fair. And it often doesn’t make any sense.

All of your issues could have been avoided had you done your homework, but like most people (myself included), you learned the hard way.

You can fight it, with a small chance of coming out ahead. Or suck it up and move on.


I agree, that’s why I went and purchased a new car, instead of leasing it. I don’t think I will ever lease again.

Indeed, but that’s beside the point. I’ve got a few deals on the vehicle, plus put money down to bring my payments lower. I leased it since the total cost of purchasing right away was greater than total leasing payments (again, I’ve got a few pretty good lease deals on it from the dealer) and then paying the residual value of the vehicle. It all would’ve worked out at the end in my favor.

On an Audi? Not seen that before.

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It was damaged under your control. You are only entitled to a repair. You only get what your contract and insurance provides for. Maybe you could read it before you sign. Stop whining, no one supports your position

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Look at it this way: the pandemic is an event happened like once per hundred years that led to insurance company pays more than the payoff.

I bet you (all of us actually) never planed to make any future profit at the time signing your lease. I would say to move on and be thankful you’re OK after the accident.

If you just leased the car for a short time and put big down payment, at least this serves as a lesson for future leases.

What if there was a $20,000 incentive?

Obviously, you’re not a golfer…

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To add up everything, it wasn’t too far off :rofl:

7 handicap…what’s your point?

You alright man? I don’t get it why you’re so upset? Your wife left you or something? People come to Forums to ask questions, consult other people, or simply have a dialog. Yet, as I looked up your recent posts and it’s all negative, throwing punches at people, their situations, or just in general. Just because someone is asking questions doesn’t mean they’re whining, kiddo.

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It’s been more than a month since you posted the contract language which sounded somewhat favorable to your position but IANAA. Did you consult an attorney or not? If you did, what did they say?

You didnt come here to simply ask a question. You came here to complain about your own negligence of not reading your contract then wanted sympathy when no one agreed with your ridiculous logic. Read your contract, stop playing the victim and maybe take a business law class at a community college. You seem to have little understanding of simple business concepts

@Omeletpants feel free to ignore this thread if you cannot offer anything more constructive.

Why not? What are the ramifications?

You get slapped for insurance fraud and/or you get stuck paying market value for a totaled vehicle and get no insurance payout.