Leased a Wrangler, Cant Drive Highway.. Options?

So i leased a 4 door Wrangler from through a credit union because they had a way better interest rate than Chrysler… My payment is 410 month, 0 down 36 months. I really cant stand the fact that the jeep hums and rattles all the way down the highway and with any wind at all is just down right scary.!

Soooo since i just leased the car, I think my best options would be to sell it correct? Since the residual is pretty good i should be able to sell it for a decent amount right? I only have 1k miles on it and the MSRP was 40k…

Also when i went to make my payment there was a payment of 1500 dollars that apparently the dealer had to pay because of a reason i dont know why…

What do you guys think would be the most cost effective way to get out of this car?

You did not do a test drive before getting the car??

What does this dealer payment have to do with your lease. What is your buyout amount? Plus trading it in i guarantee you will get maybe 32k max. Hope i am wrong.

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It’s hard to test drive highway use with the wind effect lol

The KBB on it is abour 34k I believe.

And that dealer payment knocked down the payoff I believe

I think you’d lose a few K at least to get it rid of it this soon. What is your payoff amount? See what Carmax would offer you for it.

Well I’m debating getting into a Chevy Silverado with their bonus money because it will qualify with my family already leasing a Nissan currently and the bonus money works in the household. That 3k could really eat into my negative equity right?

Swapalease or Leasetrader is always an option.

Either way you do it, you will loose thousands.

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Don’t forget to test drive the silverado on the highway with lots of noise. And also in the city. It can be a bear to park :slight_smile: Would hate to see you here in 3 months complaining about the parking lol :slight_smile:

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You are such a help to this forum. Your posts are full of consistently valuable information. I wish more people were as cool as you

disregard my suggestion of swapalease/leasetrader, there are many 4-door wranglers in the low 300s on there, yours is $400+ and too many months left on the lease. Would be very difficult and even if you gave a $3000 incentive, you’re still only at the payment the others are but handicapped by the fact that you almost have a full 3 years left on the lease (which is not desirable on those sites, they cater to the audience that wants low payments and short term leases).

Also who knows if your credit union even allows lease transfers.

Ya swapping the lease is out of the question. For the Jeep however the payment is actually good however considering it’s a 40k loaded Jeep with zero down. I don’t think you can even get a base model for that with no money down. At least with the nationwide leases and what not you can’t. But regardless I think my best option is the buyout option because they do hold their value well which is a positive. I will take a loss but hopefully only a couple grand

Wranglers are kind of loud in general.

They’re hobbyist vehicles that have a super niche buyer.

I’m also guessing you got a Sport? Sport S? The Sahara was probably more your speed IMO.

Wranglers hold their value incredibly well - you’re probably not that in the hole on it.

You might be able to find a truck with X rebates to help offset - my guess is either a RAM or a Silverado. (Which you mentioned)

If you’re willing to drop everything and do it now - its the best time. The month ends on Friday, someone will work with you.

That’s what I was kind of hoping! Thanks for the advice! I worked a deal for one friend to get a Colorado yesterday and then am going back today to work another deal for another Friend so I will look into the Silverado! Fingers crossed!

@naderade see if the chevy dealer will help you to “trade it in” for the new car or if he has a contact that can take it off your hands.

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