Leased, 6 month, Audi Q8-Etron Premium Plus to a Kia EV9

I leased a 2024 Q8 etron in Jan 2024, before there was any EV9 offers, inventory, etc. I received a good lease deal, at least thats what some LH have said to me. $0 down, $81,195 was the sticker price. Payments before tax is $729 with lease protection in that price. 12,000 miles, 24 month. Pay off today is $61k.
I would LOVE to sell the Q8 and lease a EV9. I do love the Q8, but I’m an ex linebacker and a SUV would be a better fit.

Curious if any one has ideas on how I can make the switch. You all helped me get the Q8 deal, so I know there are some creative folksout there.

I much prefer my ev9 to the etron i had. Way, way more room. Much more comfortable.

With all that said, get a buyout quote from an audi or vw dealer and then compare to your current buyout to see how much itll cost you to get out of the etron.

I suspect you will find you’ll be in the etron for a while.