Leased 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is this a good deal?

Leased 2018 Crosstrek 6 speed base model
MSRP 23,400 approx. the cap cost was around 1,700 less
Dark grey
36 months and 10,000 miles 15 cents for excess miles
Down 667.00 includes first payment, registration, Doc fees etc
Payment 226.00 plus tax 17.00 total monthly 243.00
MF 0.00105 they raised it lately higher rates
Residual 64 percent
Pay off 15,100
This includes maintenance 4 oil changes and tire rotation
1000.00 forgiveness on return such as tires and scrapes

Probably a decent deal due to the high residual and my son got what he wanted.

The deal is already done so does it really matter? It would have made a lot more sense to post before you sign. Enjoy the car!

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Did you try plugging the numbers to the calculator?

Just did it came out at 8.5 not sure how good or not that is?

It’s alright, not great; but if you’re happy with the deal, that’s what’s important.

This means it would take 8.5 years to buy the car at the rate you are paying.

It is not a bad deal, and also not a “unicorn score”. Just a fair car at a fair lease price. I would be happy with it, as you have already signed, just enjoy.

Maybe very good for this Subaru Crosstrek but not great as compared to other cars to lease such as electrics and cars with big incentives like Buick Encore for example. I think Subaru’s maybe priced a little lower with smaller incentives at least the Crosstrek. But the residual at 64 percent makes it a decent deal.