LEASED - 2018 Mercedes Benz E300 with Premium 3 Package - So. Cal

First time leasing, talk about stressssfulll!!!

Finally locked down what I’m hoping is a good lease on pretty loaded P3 E300. These cars are insanely rare since they have a huge shortage of screens and no one wanted to play ball negotiating (if dealers even had one to negotiate on).

2018 E300 with Premium 3 Package
**MSRP: $78,765
**Selling Price: $67,250
**Monthly Payment: $773.26
**Down Payment: $2,828.29 (no cap cost, first month, acq. fee, title, tax, etc.)
**MSD: 3 ($2,400)
**Incentives: $1,500 United Airlines Fleet (already in selling price)

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12,000
**MF: .00104
**Residual: 58%

**Region: Los Angeles, CA

I was about to lock down a lease at $750 a month with tax included on a $70k P3 car, but it ended up not working out. I was avoiding emailing this dealer since they were in a very high networth area and I figured they would not negotiate. Right off the bat they played ball. I think I got a really good at 14.6% off MSRP.

Let me know your thoughts so I can see what I can do better next time!

You’re 8% over the golden rule of 1% of MSRP to make it a “good deal”

Effective payment is $851.82, it’s a loaded E class but it’s still an E class…

Enjoy the car the car since it’s exactly what you wanted and that is sometimes worth the premium, but next time I would definitely put down full MSDs which should take a good chunk since you financed $67k.

Also, perhaps try a loaner deal? payment would be around half but it would not have all the options you may desire.

I’m pretty sure the 1% golden rule doesn’t apply to the effective rate, but your actual monthly rate with tax included, which I’m under. Also, most people say 15% off msrp on a Benz is what to shoot for and 20% to 22% on a loaner. Very few loaners, if any, have P3 package and the ones that did were atrocious colors.

1% rule applies to effective rate, because then someone could put 20k down and have .5% of msrp per month and call it a “good deal” which it obviously is not


I had no idea E300’s could go up to $78K…wow. Looks pretty decent for a new Merc with everything. I would have put down more MSDs and not paid anything else at signing, though.

Exactly, makes it that much more of challenge in states that charge full sales price taxes like TX.

but then again, we don’t have state income tax.

Not a terrible payment for $78k MSRP, but not a “deal” by any means.
$851 effective payment is getting close to S Class numbers.

Not really sure how I could have gotten it down. Made an ask the hackrs thread and no one responded with any advice. I emailed all dealers in California and everyone was having me pay acquisition fee upfront and none would do anywhere over 10% off. This one being almost 15% I thought it was a really good deal, oh well.

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I assume you were dead set on a P3 which are pretty rare and more expensive, so there wasn’t much you could have done. For this cars MSRP the payment isn’t bad, so as long as you’re happy with the car its all good.

You can’t be mad with 15% off MSRP!

Though the deal doesnt look the best, as long as you are happy! Im not sure if you Pmed me for help but i would have loved to give it a shot to see if i could get you a better deal

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Yeah, I know I could have gotten an E Class for much cheaper. Was hoping people would judge this car based on this car, like yourself. If I didn’t want P3 I could have had a super low payment but i want what I want :smiley:

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Emailed a few brokers and they all said they usually get 8% to 10% off and it would probably be closer to 8% off with P3 due to the rarity. I’ll keep you in mind for next time :+1: