Leased 2016 Lexus IS 200t (buy or return)

Hi newb here.

Should I buy the car after the lease ends or return the car[then buy a new one similar to this] or let a third party buy it ( read this option somewhere here)

I don’t have the accurate info as of now, all of which is at home. (I’ll update after I find the documents)

MSRP ~41k
Selling Price ~38k
Buyout price ~ 31k
27mo lease 10k
I did put a down when I first got it


What’s the car’s value now according to KBB, Edmunds, etc.?

Your down is a sunk cost so can’t really do much about that.

If you have 30 minutes after work, just drive it to Carmax for an appraisal. I doubt you will get $31k for it. If you want to save a drive, just do what @max_g said and look for the KBB value plugging in your miles and zip code