Leased 2016 awd nissan murano sl with tech pkg

Just signed deal on 36/12k lease deal - 2016 Nissan Murano AWD SL with Tech Pkg in New Jersey.

MSRP 42275
Resid 51% = 21560
MF .00003
SALE PRICE: 37,000
REBATES 3175 (2175 lease cash, 1000 nissan cash)
Acq Fee 595
DMV 311
Doc 449

1st month at signing: Paying $413.31/month 36months/12k miles

Your monthly payment should be between .5% and .8% of MSRP.

Anything under a 55% residual value is a deal breaker for me. It it all but impossible to get a good monthly payment under 55%.

And you should be able to knock off another $3,000.00 of the sales price when you get quotes from dealers near the end of the month… especially this month.

There was very little lease cash on the 17s, not much changed from 16. My monthly payment is less than 1% off MSRP, correct? No way I would get 350 bucks a month lease on this car with 0 out of pocket. And believe me I called several dealers and no one would budge much off invoice like this. invoice around 40k

BS…other than the deals posted here, how many cars can be leased for 0.5-0.8% of MSRP?

Just enjoy your car and ignore the Monday morning quarterbacks

Thank you Max, i feel really good about the deal here.

I leased a 2016 Murano SL at the end of August. As long as the monthly you posted includes tax and your only out of pocket was the first month payment, I think you did good for this particular vehicle. Your payment is pretty similar to mine. I know I worked real hard, contacted every dealer in the Central FL area, and felt real good about it in the end. Sure, there are other vehicles where I could get a better deal, but my wife loved the Murano.

Yes monthly includes tax and only out of pocket was 1st month. Thank you Gersh. Worked hard here in New Jersey as you know Murano very popular and not many 16s left.

You did a good job on a mutant – the residual is hard to work witth (51% is not great), the MF is great and the discount was good enough to get you a good deal. Other brands lease better so come back in 32 months :slight_smile:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle SUV we got LOL!!! Really happy with the ride, build quality, tech so far.

The rule is 1%. .5% can only be achieved as a rare discount with someone who qualifies for all possible incentives such as loyalty or conquest. Rule of thumb is 1% achievable with a 15% off MSRP discount, a good MF.

Please do not mis-quote me.

Ok that was a tech glitch. Sorry. I deleted

Thanks…! [20]

Hey, I am looking to get awd nissan rougue. It seems like you got a great deal. Do you mind PM me with Dealer and person you dealt with?

We got a 2016 Murano SL with Tech, guards, mats. Not a Rogue. There are some great deals even on the top of the line SL Rogue. Our Murano was 42275 MSRP, nice discount to 37000k, leased for 413/month first month down. Think for loaded SL Rogue you should be 350s/month.

Yup. Hope i can get the same 12%+ discount applied to rogue i am looking for. So, what’s the name of the dealer secured the deal with?

Ended up getting Nissan Rouge at different dealer in NJ. Just wanted to share in the forum.

2016 Rogue SL - 36 mo. 12k/year.
MSRP $31710
$2767.94 out the door Including first month, dealer doc fee, NYC tax, and registration.
Total payment $10815.84 (300.44/mo)

yspyps48 - is it SL or SL Premium ?
I’m getting an offer of $11,300 total for SL premium

It was with just a few other options such as Splash Guard, Chrome Rear Bumper protector, Floor Mas with cargo area protector, and retractable cargo cover. It doesn’t include Premium pkg. It seems like $11300 for SL premium is good deal.