🐶 LeaseCompanion.com Oct Acura Deals Midatlantic - DMV - Northeast - 5% RDX Aspec - 50+ Units In Stock

@Sam_Sam we can only help with Acura and Lexus.



Going to 3% off Acura MDX Tech Only. This car is at MSRP everywhere!!!

Back to 12% on TLX A SPEC!

hi, im interested in leasing or financing 2020 MDX. located in 08840 credit score 780

Sent text on this. I think this would be good even in “normal” times.

We just went stupid! 14% off ILX tons of units in STOCK!!

There will be a $499 broker fee.



A Spec Premium

A Spec Tech

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I am using your TLX Aspec calculator and if I roll in all taxes and fees into monthly payment I get $399 and first payment due at signing. If this is correct please let me know what colors are available… ready to pick up next week.

We would need additional information from you to verify.

RDXs are now 6%

Got a LH calculator for 36/12?

@bekeeram Which model?

RDX A spec

Hi there. Please fill out an inquire form and then we can share the calculators. Much easier that way!


Hello, numbers on the ASPEC TLX are good until when?

Acura programs and discounts will remain the same unit the 6th.

Is that price wrong in the spreadsheet for the RDX tech? It said as $370, but the calculator amount is $473

Please share your calculator so we can review. You must add taxes, fees, and 1st payment at signing. Also, 10K miles per year.

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The spreadsheet Calc for the monthly payment is using the 14% discount from the row above it (ILX ASpec tech), not the correct 6% from the RDX Tech. It is not supposed to say $370… If I’m wrong, I’ll take two please!


Thank you for letting us know. It should be fixed now.

LeaseCompanion Team

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