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My first time getting a broker because currently its a sellers market. LeaseCompanion got me the best deal available. Hands down the best priced Lexus RX based on specs out there. Locked on to a car the day it was built as inventories run dry currently and waited less than 4 weeks. It was all worth it and LeaseCompanion made the process smooth and easy. Very responsive and timely to questions. Will be a repeat customer in 3 years for sure. 5/5 stars.

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Very happy with the experience using Leasecompanion to get my new Lexus UX 250h. Super easy and painless process.I think all in, including being at the dealership, everything took an hour or so. Good concise communication. Wish all my cars would have been this easy. Will definitely be back.

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I went with Sina after few chats with bookers here. great deal on Audi A4 45 2021 - smooth process, quick, honest and straight to the point and no BS. love my car with all the bells and whistles of the trim - Thank LeasCompanion.com - def recommending to friends around

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Thank you so much for this review!

Thanks so much for the kind words! We look forward to seeing you in 3 years :slight_smile:

We appreciate the review! Thank you for the kinds words. See you in 3 years!

We appreciate the review and the feedback! See you in 3 years!

Congrats on t he beautiful car! Enjoy and thank you so much for the awesome review!

Congratulations! Thank you for the amazing review and see you in 3 years!

Wish I would have known brokers existed years ago. Since I found this site I have leased 3 cars from Sina and it has been a smooth and easy transaction every single time. Not once have I had an issue. 100% worth the money and still save money overall which is a massive win. Thank you again for all your help and we will be talking again soon!

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I would like to shoutout for LeaseCompanion and specifically Sina as they both are very professionals and easy to work with. They could get me the best deal even on the Audi Q7 build option when the market is going crazy and cars are selling at MSRP however, I couldn’t move ahead with the deal due to the long wait(5-6 months) on Audi delivery. They have a policy of 50% refund on brokerage fee if the buyer pulls back during the process but they agreed to give me 80% considering my situation. Much appreciated. They also assured me that the remaining 20% will remain with them as a deposit for any future deal which is a very fair ask. Will surely work with you in future. Thanks again!

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Thanks so much for your kind words! Sorry it didn’t work out but I am sure we will see you back soon. Take care!

Thanks so much for the kind comments and great review! We are very happy to see you had a great experience! See you in 3 years :slight_smile:

Excellent buying experience! I had never used a broker before and like some others I was on guard waiting for something to go wrong with fees or final pricing. Glad to say that never happened. Sima & Jamie @leasecompanionwere super clear about what to expect and were quick to respond to all of my questions. They reached out to me several times during the build process and kept me updated. 8.5 weeks from order(7/7) to (9/10) delivery. Everything was done by email and ppwk was done by fedex. Thanks @leasecompanion!

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Ordered 7/7 received 9/8 ! Thanks @leasecompanion

Super easy process. Ordered 8/8, picked up 9/11. Thanks @leasecompanion!


Excellent and super easy leasing experience! Filled out an inquiry forum and ordered the car the following afternoon. The team was very patient and answered all questions we had. Pricing seemed too good to be true, but ended up as a fraction as a local dealer initially quoted us. Looking forward to working with them again in 3 years!

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First time Leasehackr. Review is a little late. Thank you to everyone at Leasecompanion for getting me a great deal on a Acura TLX Advanced. My Leasehackr score was 12.8. Made car buying process less stressful. They were super supportive from start till completing the deal. You can count on them if you have any issues with dealership. They did help me by contacting the dealership when I did not get an answer. That’s excellent service. Don’t hesitate to use their service. Will buy through them again. Thanks Leasecompanion

I’ve the chance to work with Jaime from @leasecompanion, and cannot thank them enough for their help and amazing level of customer experience. I will definitely recommend this Broker to everyone!

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LeaseCompanion was terrific to work with on a custom build 840 GC. His dealer and transportation company were both very professional. Overall well worth the broker fee and shipping costs, which will save me thousands over the course of 3 years compared to the best deals I could find on my own.

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