🐢 LeaseCompanion.com June BMW Nationwide SOCAL/NORCAL X3,330,330e, 5 Series 6% M340 3% 2 Series 3-6%

4 Series Grand Coupes orders available at 6% off!

Yes we sure have order allocations.

X7 nor cal?

yes we can source! please reach out.

Two Z4 allocation available at msrp.

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We are out of X3M40 allocations for the time being.

How much time does it take for you guys to deliver if made on order? My current lease is ending in two months.

December delivery. Give or take

:100: :100: OCTOBER BMW DEALS :100: :100:

As promised! 2022 Orders Only!

We can do Performance Center Delivery for East Coast Clients!

3 Series – all variants except M3 6%
4 Series coupes & Gran Coupes excluding M4 6%
4 Series cv 2%
530i & 540i – 6%
M550i - 2%
7 Series – all variants – 6%
8 Series Gran coupes – 4%
X1 6%
X2 6%
X3 30i Only 6%
X4 6%
X5 all variants 3% (including X5 M)
X6 all variants 3% (including X6 M)
M3 & M4 0%
X3 M 3%
X4 M 3%

330e & 530e 6%

Spreadsheet Fully Updated!



While everyone is going to sticker we are still at 6% off! Get your orders in!

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Im looking for lease 2022 bmw x6 xdrive 40i, any discount?

All the discounts we are able to offer can be found in our spreadsheet.

:100: :100: October BMW DEALS :100: :100:

6% off the following models. Plenty of order allocations left! Get your orders in before potential adjustments for next month.

  • 330/M340
  • 430/M440 Coupe and Grand Coupe
  • 530/540
  • X3 30i



Plenty of allocation drops! Let’s get some orders going.

How long would an order before the car get delivered?

Depending on the model, January or February

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issue isnt the discounts, it’s the residual and money factors. No way an X5 should be 52 percent

Do you do owners choice for Georgia resident?, like to tap into fed tax credit for 330e,also for OC, is pen fed credit, the same as for purchases( hope so) rather than leases thx, Brad

Hello! We don’t know what Owner’s choice is but we cannot do any tax credit take is local to you. We can only do the Federal and any local one our dealer offers.

330e is not passing along the tax credit on a lease, however. You will have to finance to get it.

Owners choice is available in Georgia, and I believe Texas, it is structured like a lease, but you actually own the car ,( rather than the leasing company) with the option to return the vehicle after the terms are met( 36 months 10 k mi/yr, etc), as you actually own the car, you can claim the federal tax credit( rather than the leasing company in a standard lease.) There is generally no acquisition fee charged, but the MF is generally higher than a standard lease, hope that helps!