are the lexus es deals for builds or cars on the lot right now

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Lexus, Volvo, and Acura are in-stock deals. All others are order-only.

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LeaseCompanion Team

I sent an inquiry thank you.


:100: :100: 2022 Volvo V60 Loaner Deal :100: :100:

T5 AWD @ 9% off! Climate & Advanced Package

$53k MSRP

We will include free delivery to NJ/NY within 4 hours of DC.



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Thank you LH! Since summer 2020 we have worked diligently to bring amazing deals to this community along with our responsiveness and transparency.

Starting with that one GLS deal I am proud to state that we have maintained a 100% review rating to date.

Today was a major accomplishment for us as we negotiated a major expansion to the brands we offer this amazing community!

Stay tuned over the next few months!


:100: :100: LEASECOMPANION DEALS :100: :100:

8-12% off Most Models

Our Deals Spreadsheet :point_left: :point_left:

Brand Specific Deal Threads :point_down:

Mercedes Benz - BMW - Lexus - Acura - Audi - Jeep - RAM

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Is that V60 still available? Thanks in advance!

It sure is!

May I see the window sticker? Thanks again

Please submit an inquiry on our website please.

Sent! Mentioned v60 loaner in the comment area.

LH crowd! Our YouTube Channel is up!

Our first video!

We hope to use our videos to put out the best deals we have every month for the LH community via our channel.


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Grand Cherokee 4xE orders are now open!

No pricing or programs details.

@leasecompanion I am in market for a Wrangler and have a couple of questions. You mention the 22s don’t have lease programs yet. Do you have estimate of when they will? Taking preorders? Also, for the 4XE the tax rebate goes to the lessee, correct?


Hello! The Grand Cherokee 4xe programs are not out yet. We have the Wrangler 4xe programs.

Hoping they become available within the next few weeks.

We are taking pre-orders on Grand Cherokee 4xe at 7% off.

If available at delivery the tax rebate goes to the lessee, correct. It is included in the lease quote.

Will pricing for the lease payment be from the month it is delivered or when numbers come out? Same with ev tax credit depending on if the new bill goes through?

I would start putting an " * " by this statement. No one knows if that program goes past the end of the year. Current ccap doc has dates 1-1-20 to 12-31-21.

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You are correct sir. Fixed.

Yes even if the EV credit is passed there is no guarantee CCAP will pass the credit to the consumer. Hence why prior to collecting any payment we always disclose programs can not be locked.

Will you be dealing with Porsche in the near future?