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Low $350 Fee (Toyota Only)
First Come First Serve, MSD Program Available.


Lease Payment Quoted Disclosures:
• Excellent Credit
• Excludes Tax, Tags, & Title Fees
• Ads assume you qualify for LOYALTY so please adjust accordingly

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What to Expect:

  1. A majority of broker interactions begin with you as a consumer inquiring about an ad we have displayed.
  2. Upon contact we work together to identify your needs and find a car that is right for you!
  3. We will then run the numbers to structure the deal to your specific situation and actually take the time and walk with you through the calculator calculations.
  4. We then confirm the deal and structure with any number of my dealers.
  5. Lock up the car and then ask for a broker fee.
  6. After the broker fee is paid we will provide you with information including a link to our network dealer’s direct website along with clear instructions on how to proceed.
  7. Once you are approved, the dealer will initiate contact and schedule paperwork and delivery.

We take pride in our work and you are our priority. We strive to be responsive and take inquires almost 24/7.

Refund Policy: In full if pricing is not honored by dealer. (Discount, Money Factor)

Partial Refund (50%) for backing out under any and all circumstances including your credit rating impacting the quoted payment, not qualifying for incentives you claimed within your inquiry submission to us, or a denial of credit from the bank.

Disclosures: Quotes assume Tier 1 Credit, payments will likely increase if credit is not approved at Tier 1. Estimates may slightly vary from as a result of actual tax and registration costs.

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:100: :100: Camry Firesale :100: :100:

Camry LE
Term: 39/10
MSRP: $ 26,500
Monthly Payment: $211

Camry SE
Term: 39/10
MSRP: $ 27,800
Monthly Payment: $213

DAS for All Deals:
Drive-Off Amount: Tax, MSDs, DMV Fees, Processing Fee + 1st Month


how much for Camry Hybrid? And what’s the loyalty rebate amount you factor in (since I won’t get it)?

@Lovesadeal please submit an inquiry and we will be in touch!

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:100: :100: Highlander Firesale :100: :100:

2021 Highlander

Term: 39/10
XLE: $45,000 - $341.52
XSE: $45,500 - $346.63
Limited: $47,500 - $377.30

2021 Highlander Hybrid

Term: 39/10
XLE: $45,500 - $340.42
Platinum: $52,500 - $439.43

DAS for All Deals:
Drive-Off Amount: Tax, MSDs, DMV Fees, Processing Fee + 1st Month

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:100: :100: RAV4 & SIENNA Firesale :100: :100:

Rav4 AWD LE $29,500.00 $219.01
XLE $30,500.00 $227.81
XLE Premium $34,000.00 $281.16
Rav4 Hyb AWD XLE $33,000.00 $245.81
XLE Premiun $35,500.00 $293.61
XSE $36,500.00 $309.82
Sienna Hyb LE FWD/AWD $36,000.00 $301.43
XLE FWD/AWD $45,000.00 $410.23
Platinum AWD $53,000.00 $552.38

Please submit an inquiry form for access to spreadsheet and full Toyota Pricing.

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Programs and Discounts are still good until COB Monday! New programs for Lexus and Toyota Tuesday!!

:dash: :dash: INVENTORY UPDATE :dash: :dash:

Spreadsheet for February is now up!!! For info to access see :arrow_down:
We won’t be beat!

:night_with_stars:Corolla Nightshade :night_with_stars:


Not a one off, I have over a dozen more at this price! For info on pricing :arrow_down:

:night_with_stars: Camry XSE :night_with_stars:


291/month + Tax! 2 MSDS, FIRST, AND TITLE/DMV DAS

Not a one off, I have nearly 1/2 dozen more in different colors at this price! For info on pricing :arrow_down:

Please submit an inquiry form for access to spreadsheet and full Toyota Pricing.

Link to Inquiry Form


Do you have 2021 Highlander gas Platinum?

Yes we do!

Could you tell me what is DAS on the Sienna LE AWD? Also is that 301.43 good for either configuration the FWD or AWD? Thanks in advance.

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:100: :100: March Sheet Update :100: :100:

Slight RV updates

Venzas are still cheap!


Inquire to access our sheet!! :arrow_double_down:


:boom: :boom: Corolla Pricing and Inventory Update :boom: :boom:

APEX SE - 36/10k - Got one for sale

204/month, first and plates at signing

SE Nightshade - 36/10k - 10 left

186/month, first and plates at signing + MSDs as cheap as 155/month with first, plates/MSDs with veteran/grad + loyalty!

First month payment waiver for all! Can add loyalty, college graduate, or military - subtract $13/month.

:boom: :boom: VENZA IMPROVED PRICING!!! :boom: :boom:

Over 50 Cars in Stock!!!

Venza LE @ $34k

Upfront - Doc Fee + Government Fee + Taxes: $271

Venza XLE @ $38k
Upfront - Doc Fee + Government Fee + Taxes: $351

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Do you ship to NYC or local pickup available?

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Both are available.

Would like to have Venza XLE. Haven’t received the reply after several trials to contact.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Any Tundra?

No Tundra but plenty of Tacomas!

Corolla Hybrid Lease Deal

Corolla Hybrid LE

  • First payment DAS, 180/month. No msds.

Can add College - Military - etc.

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