Lease was in an accident but repaired. Will this be an issue?

I have a Toyota Corolla lease, and a couple of years ago (one year in), a guy rear-ended me, causing pretty extensive body damage (nothing mechanical or electrical was affected). Repair costs were over 4k

After a few weeks at the body shop, the car was returned to me. You can’t even tell it was in any kind of accident.

Is there going to be any kind of issue when I bring this car back to drop it off? I’m sure they ask if it was in an accident, and what if that answer is “yes”?

No it won’t be an issue. That is why you need to carry a minimum amount of insurance for a lease.

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They won’t even need to ask, they’ll know. As long as it was repaired by an approved body shop then it’s fine.

My last lease had a 78% rear-ender (in CA it has to reach 80% to be totaled), and no issues returning it.

cool. I know I contacted the dealership when it happened, and probably the leasing company as well, and they approved the body shop. It was a couple years ago, so I don’t remember all the details.

That is absolutely nuts.

Pics here