Lease warranty question

Last night got in my 2017 MDX during a big rain storm and had water flowing through the map light area. Drove car to local public garage and quickly discovered that sun roof vents were clogged. Not visibily clogged but clogged somewhere in the internal drainage system. Nothing I could do would clear the blockage so I brought car into dealership this morning where testing (pouring water into sunroof drains) confirmed they were blocked. Then tech asked me if I normally park under a tree (I do) since he thought that somehow tree debris was likely blocking the drain. Left car at dealer to get fixed whenever they can get their specialist in - seems this is not an easy problem to fix.

So my question, should warranty cover this? I can see why it might be considered wear and tear but I can also see being able to park on the street without needing expensive sunroof repairs in under 2 years?

I’m guessing either Friday or next Monday they are going to call and tell me it’s gonna be pretty expensive to fix. Need to decide whether it’s right to fight them and have warranty cover it. May have some good will since this is dealership I purchased vehicle at.