Lease vs TRAC Lease?


I am just opening a new business ( a branch of what I am currently doing), and I am looking to lease a work Truck. Pretty set on '19 Ram 1500 Bighorn. I currently have a lease on personal '18 Durango RT , and have recently gotten out of leases for '17 Pacifica and '16 Challenger RT Scat pack. So with that said I have yet to complete a lease, and want to make sure I have the most insight to make the best decision for my new business. I was recently quoted 450/mo for a 52.6K msrp Ram 1500 selling price of 43.6k. 10K per year and zero down. RV of 57% $30,004. I am really looking for a payment that starts with a $3xx.xx. Am I crazy? I would ideally like to buy out the truck at the end of the lease but I cant foresee the business needs 3 years from now. In all likelihood I will be going over the miles whether its 10/12/15K, so it is better to take 10K and worry about the penalty at the end for a more cash positive situation or should I be going with a 15K (or more if possible) lease? One dealer mentioned TRAC lease but since its a new business it has to go into my name personally due to lack for business credit history. Seems like a TRAC lease is better suited for those who are pretty sure of their intent to purchase.

Any help/insight is welcomed.