Lease vs. Purchase Discounts + Special Finance Offers

I did a search but wanted some recent info/feedback on the subject. I’ve purchased dozens of new cars and always negotiated and never paid anywhere near MSRP but prior to finding this site I realize I screwed myself horribly despite thinking I got good deals.

My specific question:
If a manufacturer advertises something like what GM is famous for: “Zero Percent Interest for 72 Months” can the dealer still discount the vehicle similarly to the way we would negotiate a lease? Sometimes there is an incentive WITH the special finance offer but in this case I’m curious about DISCOUNT with the special finance offer. GM dealers specifically say no, there is zero discount/negotiation on price when using a special finance offer…is that true?


It’s probably true in so far as they’re saying they won’t discount. But are dealers forbidden from discounting MSRP because the manufacturer is subventing the financing with the captive? No. They can reach into their pockets too.

Just move on from anyone not offering any discount. :ox:

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It all depends on what promotion the manufacturer and captive are running.

No 2 promotions are same just like you don’t get lease cash on purchase transactions.

If you’re talking about getting special “cash rebates” in addition to the promotional rate, then it will depend on conditions that come with that promotional rate. Many time manufacturer does either or.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate with the dealer to get the price below MSRP.

No such thing…look for someone who will…

Certain manufacturers will give a purchase rebate OR special financing rate,. You can only take one, but the dealer can discount whatever they want. So yes, you can take a good finance rate and get a nice discount on top.

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Thanks for all the info everyone, very helpful.