Lease under $600? SoCal

Looking to get the wife into a new car. No kids.

$0 down (ideally) since that’s what this forum has taught me. 12k/year and 36months (can do 39)

We are in SoCal, but just don’t know what the next car should be. Any ideas?

If I had $600 a month to blow on a car and not a care in the world I’d probably just lease a Range Rover.

What range rover could you get with $600?..

I have seen a few deals here for just below $600. I’m not really up on Range Rover trims and models so not sure which they were. Obviously not fully loaded Range Rover Sports or something like that.

You have lower end Porsches like the Macan, Cayman or Boxster (see for offers and negotiate from there).

RR Velar has a really nice interior (as good or better than Audi ~$60k pricepoint), got to drive one at Houston Auto Show and was impressed. Also got Jaguars like F-Pace (SUV) and F-Type (2 seater sports) that can be gotten for that sort of money.

If it has to be 12k mileage per year though you’ll pay a premium to lease sportier cars so bear that in mind.

What kinda cars do you/wife like?

There’s no point in us recommending, say, muscle cars when you like EVs or vice versa

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Hey guys. Has anyone secured a velar for less than $600/mo with less than 2k down? We are in SoCal…

I was quoted 1700 down, 540 a month including tax about a month and half ago at the Redondo Beach RR dealership. This included 2K conquest.

At what mileage and over what period of time?

3 year, 10k miles a year.

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