Lease Two Volvo Vehicles

Hello All,

My husband and I are interested in leasing two Volvo’s. We are looking at an XC60 and XC90. Both 2019. Do you think they will make a deal on the combined down payment and monthly payments. Looking at staying below $900 a month.

Before anyone asks, I looked at the S60 and while I loved it, it was hard to get in and out of. I have arthritis in knees and back. Husband has arthritis in hips.

Thanks in advance!

I have leased two cars at a time and from my experience the dealer doesn’t really care. The deals are based on the specific cars and what they have on the lot at the time. Buying two at once doesn’t seem to change anything.

Based on what I’ve seen here it is very unlikely you will get both of those cars for a combined $900 a month unless you put down a couple thousand on top of normal fees.

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I agree that both of those cars, even with full MSDs and upfronts paid for on both (let’s call this all about $17,000), you will not be under $900/month.

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2 cars won’t get you any type of volume savings. Others have tried something similar here via “group buys.” The dealers that have chimed in on those threads pretty much debunked the myth that it would matter. You need to think fleet before getting any savings this way.

It might make a difference if the dealer is trying to hit a step bonus, but that would be purely coincidental.

You can get two Volvos under $900 per month. I’m at just over $900 per month on a well-optioned S60 T6 AWD and XC60 T5 AWD. Both R Designs.

That being said, there was typical first month, acquisition fee, title stuff as my due at signing for both. Factoring that in will move the monthly closer to $1,000.

Your goal, as it stands, is not achievable in the direct manner in which you’ve defined it. That said, I’d recommend:

  1. Remove the notion of an XC90 from your brain. If memory serves – others will know better than I – these are leasing in the $550 range with out-of-pocket money. So, no XC90.

  2. Consider an S60. Or, don’t…

  3. Make both vehicles XC60s. Keep your options on the low end and it’s possible given money factors and discounts available. Given where I landed, I’m estimating that a $45k to $46k XC60 can lease out around $450/month with out of pocket monies. Drop down another $1k to $3k in options and you’re hitting your goal.

In summary, get two XC60s or one XC60 and an S60. Keep your options somewhat conservative. Use the calculator and know what monies are offered as incentives – I don’t know which, if any, you’re eligible for. If that’s too tough, use a broker. There are some great ones on here @Bostoncarconcierge @nyclife come to mind when it comes to Volvos. You’d have to ask them if they can help you in your neck of the woods.


Would you consider other brands to stay within budget?

Thanks to everyone. Everything you’ve said makes sense.

I loved the S60 but getting in and out was a bear due to the arthritis. They have a few 2016’s on their lot for a good price but the mileage is high. But they’re CPO so that may be an option. They also have some demos on their lot they are willing to lease.

We were told with our credit we could get the XC60 at about $420 with the money down.

Still weighing out options and yes, we’re stuck on Volvo. The only other option would be the new X5 but their lease options are outrageous.

Thanks again!

Right. The XC60 leases should be doable. You’re on the right track and some pushing should get you where you need to be.

Best of luck, sorry about the arthritis.

Thanks a bunch!