Lease turn in question

My lease is up. Getting a new car in the next few days (potentially).

I leased my Chrysler at a dealership by my house, but there is another Chrysler dealership right next to the place I’m picking my new car up at.

Do you think it’s OK I turn this car in at that Chrysler instead of the one I got my car from in 2015? No extra fees?

You can return to any authorized Chrysler dealer as long as you promise to never get another Chrysler :wink:


I was with kmdukez for many many years. Anti-Chrysler based on a not so good history with some of their vehicles. But grabbed a Jeep GC the other day. We’ll see how it works out over the life of the lease.

OMG right!!! The 200 was so pretty in 2014, but so excited to get rid of it

Buh bye for good, Chrysler

Can you stop bringing it up?? You know how much my heart still hurts over our nasty break up after all those years

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As mentioned, you can bring it to any Chrysler dealer in the country, not just the one you bought it from.

I almost leased the 200 in 2014 after falling in love with the sound of that v6. Then I read on forums about all the problems it had. How was yours?

Thank you! Will do just that :slight_smile:

I loved the V6 too! It honestly drove fine? I think? But I don’t have much to compare it to.

The one thing weird is the transmission (?) slips. It’s a 9-speed. There’s a lag, it’s weird. I could sometimes put my foot down and then 1-2 seconds later it realizes what I did. This isn’t always the cause though.

But the interior is basic as hell. SO SHITTY. My next car will have leather/packages.

I rented the 200 early last year (not by choice) and noticed the same thing with that lag time. That car was so frustrating to drive for the week. The 300 wasn’t nearly as bad as the 200.

Yeah especially when going up or down hills, it will actually jolt. Like “oh I was supposed to go fast/slow down? Let me jolt instead”

Getting rid of this POS today.

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I’ve had a 2014 JGC Altitude since July 2014 and have not had a single problem that wasn’t self inflicted. These new JGCs are rock solid. Enjoy!!!