[Lease Transfer] Update - 2018 Mercedes CLA-250; $335.62/month; NJ/PA area; 23 months; Approx 707 miles/month

2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA250
Months Left: 24
Current Mileage: Just under 13,000
Odom at time of Lease: 6760 (It was a loaner)
Contract for total miles: 22,500 (so you need to return at 29,260)
Miles/month for the rest of the term: Approx 675/month
Price for Mileage over contract amount: $0.25/mile
Residual value at lease end: $24,275.80
Vehicle Turn-in Fee: $595
Original lease date: 9/8/18
Turn in date: 9/8/21
Color: Lunar Blue Exterior/Beige Interior
Seats: MB-TX (Faux Leather); Front heated power seats;

Other features: Keyless Go, Blindspot assist, Rearview Camera, Power Tilt/sliding Sunroof
Car in Excellent Condition. Garage kept.


Low mileage because I have a super-short commute, so I didn’t even need the 7500 miles/year that I leased. Getting rid of it because I unexpectedly have access to an additional car.

Willing to pay a small incentive due to low miles, but frankly this is also already not a very expensive monthly payment. Great for someone with a short commute or someone whose kid is getting a license junior year of high-school and just needs a 3rd car for 2 years.

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Still available? Just sent you a PM.

Hey Jay,

Yes, it’s still available. I sent you a reply just now. Sorry for the slow response.


Still available. I just edited Heading as I drove less than 20 miles last month. Car still has less than 13,000 miles.

Purple P