[Lease Transfer - South FL.] 19 BMW 330i M-Sport - $444/month tax included + $1,000 Down

Wanted to test the waters and put my car up for lease transfer. Car is in perfect condition. Garage kept. Non-smoker. Basically brand new.

2019 BMW 330i

  • M-Sport Package
  • Premium Package

MSRP: $49,710.00
Monthly Payment: $444.83 including tax.
Lease Start Date: 5/18/19
Lease End Date: 5/18/22
Current Miles: 3,950
Miles Allowed: 30,000
Transfer Fee: Paid by the buyer
Down Payment: $1,000.00 (Paid to me)
Region: South Florida

You need to include the down payment in the title.

Just fixed the title.

Bump to the top!

May be interested.

Still available!

Amount of the transfer fee?

Edit: nevermind… $400 for the transfer and $100 for the credit app. Cap cost? Residual? Were there any cap reductions?

I put down $2,200 which covered most of the inceptions. (First month, acquisition fee, tags, and dealer fee)