Lease Transfer (San Diego) 2017 BMW 340i Sport Auto $461/mo+tax 16mo $2k incentives

2017 BMW 340i Sport
Navigation, PDC, HK stereo heated seat, tint
MSRP: $54700
Lease start: 11/18/17
Lease end: 11/17/20 (36 mo, 30k)
Residual: $33367
Payment: $461 + tax (effective $399 + tax after $1k cash)
Current Mileage: 19600, 15 payments 10500 miles left
INCENTIVE: $1000 cash + replacement RFT tires ($1000)
Registration valid 11/20/19
Must qualify thru BMWFS with approved credit (FICO 750 or higher) buyer pays transfer fee $500+tax

(475) Upholstery SENSATEC 1/SCHWARZ (KCSW)
Prod Date 2017-05-10
Vehicle options P7ACA Sport Line
S258A Tire with run-flat functionality
S2T1A BMW LA 19” wheel, Star Spoke 407
S2TBA Sport automatic transmission

Nice car, but with only 650 miles/month left, i think the incentive will have to be much more…