Lease Transfer(Nor Cal Bay Area): 2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0t [$278/month inc. tax] 12k miles/yr $1200 upfront

Looking to transfer the lease of my almost new 2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0t. Here are the terms and details.

Color: Graphite exterior, beige interior
MSRP: $43,000
Total Lease Term: 39 months
Months Remaining: 36 months
Sale Price/Capital cost: $31,500
Monthly Payment: $278 including tax with $12,000 miles/year
Drive off: $1200
Security Deposit: $2,315
Location: Bay Area (Oakland)

I want a smaller car with better gas mileage as I am moving and will have a long commute. Great car in perfect condition and an amazing deal!

You realize you’re still liable for the lease if you transfer it. Infiniti holds you liable if they don’t pay, or something happens to the vehicle.

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And as we recently learned, even if the person you transfer to ends up deceased…

Are you serious?

How can that be that even if the person is deceased the original leaser is liable?

Here was the thread.

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:cold_sweat: That thread is the epitome of bullshit…

The contract says your liable. It isnt BS it is simply Infiniti holding you to the contract

Why is that terminology in there though? Does this apply to all manufacture leases or solely Infiniti? What if you sell your lease through a broker like swapalease? It just seems like if someone is willing to assume full responsibility for the lease and has approved credit, the original buyer should be off the hook and they go after the new owner that they approved.

New to the site. Live in East Bay. What is my total cost to get into this?

It’s called secondary liability. Nissan simply elects to use this legal construct, which is common in contract law. Doesnt matter how you sell the lease, Nissan holds the original lessor secondarily liable. That’s who Nissan made the deal with.

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Pretty much looking for something exactly like this. I’m guessing there’s still 36k miles unused? CA registration should be good until sometime in March of 2019? Any pics?