Lease transfer nj 2018 328d...monthly 249.89 incl tax plus DAS of 3250 (1750 of MSD's)

Just seeing if there is any interest…considering a change to a 5 series…only 1600 miles driven car is new…this car gets crazy gas mileage…msrp $50,035 convenience and nav

21 payments left and only about 1600 miles used so far. 24/12k lease.

$249.89 month (nj tax) included.
Plus $1,500 down to me to recoup upfront costs
Plus $1,750 in MSDs to me which get returned from bmw
Plus $500 BMW Transfer fee

Gray on black. DM if interested. Thank you.

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Please update title with all DAS amounts.

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Thanks Jon. Updated as advised.

Check your inbox! PM sent. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick responses and pics @jrod78.

Hi, I’m interested in your 328 lease transfer, is it still available? Thanks!

Is this sill available? Please contact

Still available?

Thank you all for the interest. I haven’t found a replacement for the car so I have decided to keep it for awhile. Mods, please close this out for now. Thanks, again.