Lease Transfer NJ 2017 Mercedes E300 4matic 30 months left $440/month including tax

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2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4matic P1
Selenite Grey/ Beige 10miles /year
MSRP: $61,245
$3000 MSD
$1000 Downpayment ( recoup my loss for letting the car sit for a month)

Posting this here before putting it up on swapalease for higher. I need $4000 down of which $3000 will be returned by MB financial at the end of the lease.

30 months remaining and transfer can be initiated Jan 31st, 2018. More details to come

just found out transfer can be done now and don’t have to wait until jan 31st.

lowered to $500…

I got to hand it to you, you are definitely bold to post your “amazing” offer here on LH.
There are significantly better deals already in the marketplace include one on an E300 w/15K for $406 without having to pay your “loss” recovery surcharge.


Bold are you kidding me this is not horrible deal his deal is pretty solid meets the 1% rule a 61k car for $440 with just $1000 down this will go right away on Swapalease and if this is the deal you are referring to stop misinforming it’s not 15k

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$4k difference in msrp bc 4matic
I put 3000 in MSD instead of $4500
I don’t know if I live in the northeast but everything is more expensive up here

when it comes to lease transfers, MSDs are the kryptonite. Put it on SAL or LT, its your best bet.
I’m also not offended by the deal like @Qbert is. Hard to find those loaner E class deals at this point, car is well under 1%, has enough months left to enjoy it and pretty much very little hassle for the right buyer.

HEY, i did one yesterday for 489. Would’ve been 410 with msd and lower mileage. They are still around you just have to look. Dealers are crapping themselves cause there is likely no support next month

Your right. It’s not not 1250 miles per month but 1160 miles a month based on what has been driven so far. Your also right that it meets the 1% rule …for a new lease, but we are now talking about used cars being subleased. Does the same 1% rule still apply? Is the OP’s E300 $67/mo or now $50/mo better than the TN E300 because of the AWD? Let us also not forget that there are low $400 leases still out there @nyclife pointed out.

Where I take issue with the OP is that this is community of learning and sharing. Asking for a “loss” recovery here for inaction on the seller’s part just does not seem right to me. Or the bit about "Posting this here before putting it up on swapalease for higher. " This is the type of tactics we are forced to deal with at dealerships. we should not have to deal with it here.


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Relax Qbert. You’re grammar is killing me.

It’s the cost of having it sit in my driveway for about a month which I paid already.

His deal is amazing btw which I get, but this is an amazing deal too so I don’t know why you take issue and trolling.

You don’t like the message so you attack the messenger?

A car sitting in your driveway is a sunk cost.

You’re message is great, your great!

Pending sale with deposit taken so…happy new year?!

Good job I knew your car will be gone in no time

Congrats… I was wrong.

Happy New Year as well!

Congrats on completing your lease transfer. I am the guy with the car in TN and it is still available if anyone is interested.

Really? Must be auto-correct :thinking:
Congrats on transfer, BTW. Good deal

I was taunting to because he had a problem with my post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It continued my grammar shaming but no one noticed