Lease transfer (New York to Maryland)


I have searched them forums but haven’t yet found a clear answer. I am trying to determine how much someone will have to pay that is transferring a car from New York to Maryland. The forums have conflicting information. Some people have said that they didn’t have to pay more than $100 because the sales tax rate in my county of New York is 8.75% vs the 6% in Maryland.

Has anyone from Maryland transferred a lease from New York that could give me a definite answer?

6% in MD is on the full selling price, not the same as in NY

You will pay 6% of your payoff to get MD plates.

So then this guy is wrong? How does leasetrader & swapalease work with local DMV

Maybe you’ll get lucky like that guy or YMMV since he himself got conflicting answers from the DMV.

IDK what else you want us to tell you :man_shrugging:t4:

I moved from NJ to MD. Although I have not yet transferred NJ plates, my monthly lease payment remains the same. Address is updated in BMW FS to MD address.

That’s not the same as a transfer.

Best thing to do is call the Maryland MVA and ask them directly.