<Lease Transfer> Mercedez Benz 2018 E300 with 12K Miles on it 15mnth left 1600milz a month

Hi All,
I have a white Mercedez Benz 2018 E300 fully loaded with only 12K miles on it and 15months of lease is remaining on it Sept 2020 Lease will get Over. so basically 24K Miles remaining for nxt 15month period i.e. 1600 Miles a month and Payment on the Lease is $875 but my car is covered for Tires and Rim protection, 2. Servicing for 20K and 30K Miles is already included in it and dont have to pay a single $$ for it. No downpayment is required on the car and no refund will be made as well on the Car upon return. I have driven my car very less as most of the times I am out of state. My car is registered for New Jersey and I am in Delaware currently. If anyone interested let me know and please I am not willing to reduce or negotiate anything here on the lease deal. The car is very clean and I have kept it good condition. beige interiors.

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I would recommend swapalease, also pictures of the car may help

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Try swapalease, almost no chance here with that payment.

Thank you Alex, I will post on Car lease as well, my issue here is I moved from NJ to Delaware and my leased car is registered to NJ and to register it to Delaware the DMV is asking almost $1500 fees and since I have already paid the taxes I dont want to do pay again and also nt sure if I can still drive my car with NJ plates on in Delaware while my residence and driving license is Delaware.

Thank you Samson, I will post pictures as well!

Are those picture taken in Piscataway? :slight_smile:

Gentle tip: A vacuum and trash removal would likely be helpful when trying to sell a high end car.


Please update title to include monthly payment and amount due at signing, if any. Probz would help to spell properly, too.


Hey what is the monthly payment?

Says it right in the first post: $875

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Monthly payment is too high ! Good Luck

I guess we all have different definitions of “clean”

good luck op, have u tried leasetrader.com as well to advertise?

Payment way high. You may want to rethink not negotiating, on this site anyway. Not trying to be a wise guy…

The $1500 in taxes is enough for you to pass this on but not the $875/month payments? oof

OP hasn’t posted/replied here in over 2 months, not to mention the payment is about double most other E300s on here, so near zero chance of an LH transfer. Can probably close this one.

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