Lease transfer Mercedes C450 AMG

I leased this dark red, well equipped C450 just a few weeks ago. I got a smoking deal but unfortunately, as life is, my situation has changed and I need to get rid of it. In very disappointed as this car is unbelievable! Fast, luxurious, and looks amazing.

Dark red exterior
Black leather interior with red stitching
Red seat belts
Burmester sound
Night package
Headlight package
Panoramic roof
Roof rack and bicycle attachment
Sticker 59,7xx

I put 6000 down in security deposits which are fully refundable. I would need those back but then you get them back on the back end. Payment including tax here in ca is about 575/mo on 36/10k

I’m in northern San Diego County

Hit me up with questions or for photos

Upload photos!!! Try imgur

I got a similar car approx msrp 62K. This is an amazing car! Driving it in Comfort mode is like driving the c300 on sport+ But with a way better exhaust tone

I would be very interested, I live in north county too. Not sure how to send PMs on this forum.

I PM you but maybe you didn’t see it. You can email me: night_train44 [AT] yahoo (dot) com