Lease Transfer: Lexus RC350 F-Sport FULLY LOADED | 8 Months with 40k miles left | $629/mo



Non-smoker, garage-kept, child/pet free, no damage/wreck history, and dealer-maintained with a ton of miles left on the lease! There’s 8 months left on the lease and 40k~ miles left. It’s fully loaded with heated/cooled seats, Mark Levinson 835 watt sound system (my favorite), tasteful red leather (i.e. not ketchup colored), remote touchpad, moonroof, and 19" premium wheels. This is a GREAT daily commuter for a coupe, its independent magnetic ride control makes a world of difference.

Vehicle Location: Dallas, TX
Lease Terms: 48/15
Current Miles: 20,000
Remaining Miles: 40,000
Miles Left Per Month: 5,000
Leasing Company: Lexus Financial Services
Months Remaining: 8
Monthly Payment: $629.84
Lease End Date: 11/21/2019

Transferee responsible for transfer fee ($200) and shipping (if applicable.)


thats actually pretty nice. How much is the payment on it?




Welcome and good luck.

Did I overlook the location?

I’m a little biased, but I happen to like these cars! I have a 2017 in white but otherwise identical.

If someone needs a ton of miles, this could be good for them.



with such a low mile, try taking it to carmax?


it does have Texas plates on the car


That narrows it down to 285,000 square miles :sunglasses:


Amounts offered by carmax are always disappointing even on such a clean ride.

not to mention, LFS residuals were usually nice and high, good for a low payment, bad for an early buyout. The gap would be to wide even for the most carefree sellers


Post is tagged TX

Post title says $629


ahhhh even the trained eye didn’t notice it…it had me at fully loaded


What’s missing in the title is the MY(2015 in the pics). And 60k miles lease? 48/15?


Ya there’s def more info missing


Yeah like how a 2015 still has 8 months left. Guessing 4yr 15k per.


Ya I assumed it was 48/15


I’m very interested in how this goes. I’m delighted nobody has said anything about price. Gives me hope.


Just newb things - updated. $629.84/month located in Dallas, TX. Lease terms are 48/15


What’s the residual at the end of the term? It’s not really an attractive lease (for most) but if the buyout looks to be below value that may help.


It looks like you were nowhere near needing 15k miles a year. Was your life situation different when you first leased it?

Best of luck with the lease.


Is this vehicle out of warranty?


Google tells me Lexus B2B warranty is 4/50k



What makes it unattractive?