*Lease transfer in OR* 2018 Mercedes Benz C300, $363/MO


Due to a recent move, my commute is much longer so I’m looking for someone to take my lease over. It’s your basic loaner-turned-lease vehicle, so no crazy bells and whistles. Power everything and has Apple CarPlay.

This car is in great condition with no dents, dings or scratches. All factory maintenance performed at Mercedes Benz in Wilsonville. Remaining maintenance until lease end is pre paid!

Lease remaining time: 30
Monthly Payment: $363
Miles allotted per year: 7,500
Total miles allowed: 31,785
Current miles: 12,250 (leased at 9,280 miles)

Lease transfer through Mercedes Benz Financial. I will pay $595 lease transfer fee.


YEAR: 2018
MAKE: Mercedes-Benz
VIN: 55SWF4JB4JU265750
TRIM: C class
MILEAGE: 12,250
COLOR: White exterior with white/black interior
BODY: 4D Sedan
ENGINE: 4 Cylinder turbo
FUEL: Gasoline
MPG: 23 City / 34 Hwy (I’ve been averaging 30-32 combined)


Assuming you’ve driven 7500 miles already, that makes for 15,000 miles left over 30 months. Might be a tough sell on LH.

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Kind of funny you’d sign a low mileage lease and put 12,500 miles on it in the first 6 months. But it certainly makes sense why you’d want to transfer out. Agree that this is a hard sell with such low mileage. GLWT!

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Sorry for the confusion, and I should have made that more clear in the posting. When I leased it, the vehicle had 9,280 miles on it. I’ll update the posting.


Makes way more sense now. Please post MSRP as well

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20,000 over 30mos is a little easier to swallow but you may need to offer an incentive past paying the xfer fee.

SAL though might go for it. Have you checked Vroom/Carvana/Carmax to see what they’d buy it for vs buyout?


Not sure if this is MSRP, but payoff quote is $35,659. Carvana quoted $25,000, but I know they need to make some money too.


No, the payoff is not the same as MSRP. Do you have your original lease contract or the window sticker? It would definitely be on there.


Ah, gotcha. Unfortunately my lease contract is in a filing cabinet in storage right now, I’ll update when I get the MSRP from it.