<Lease Transfer in Norcal> 2016 Mercedes C300 $334.71 a month w/ $1000 Incentives!

I’m looking to transfer my C300 lease over as I’m looking for 530e recently! I’ve made this deal before I knew this community, so it’s a bit higher than other hackrs made.

I was planning to negotiate an early return 6 months before the end, so I drove a few months ahead of the schedule. I believe it would be suitable who are looking for a low payment/low commuter miles and looking for a new MB in a year! (Already paid for registration until July 2019!)

There was no MSD, so there will be nothing to pay me upfront. Buyer is responsible for lease transfer fees and pick up. $695(CA)+tax (to be paid to MBFS)

UPDATE: I’m willing to give out $1,000 cash incentive!

Please PM me if you are interested!


MSRP: $ 44,560

Color: Silver Metallic

Features: Rearview Camera/Navigation/Multi-media package

Monthly payment: $334.71 (including 9.25% tax)


Months: 36 total/ 16 months remaining as of 9/1 (Maturity Date 01/20/2020)

Mileage at purchase: 4,479 (Previous loaner)

Current Mileage: 19,900

Annual Mileage: 7,500

Remaining mileage 7,079 miles for 16 months (442 miles / month)

Mileage at return: 26,979

Location: San Jose, CA (Overall Bay Area)