Lease Transfer-If you were taking one over, do you prefer a 24 month or 36?


If you are taking over a lease transfer on a car, and need to pay an incentive to do so, do you prefer a longer term or shorter term? Of course, the incentive adds to the effective monthly on a shorter term.

I understand there are many factors and there is no “correct” answer. So, I’m just looking to crowdsource.


Are you about to lease an M3 CS? :slight_smile:


lol no sir! But, that was funny.

One of my esteemed colleagues on the site is, though :slight_smile:

This is for the TRD Pro 4Runner I am signing for.

Only a $3 difference in price between the two and I plan to transfer it after 3 months (on SAL). Just trying to see what folks think is more enticing for maximizing profits.


I vote for 24 months :slight_smile:


Thank you! Thats two (me as well) for 24 months lol. Less risk!


I would always prefer 24 over 36, everything else being equal. I like feeling as though I can be more agile, even if it costs a couple bucks.


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Totally agree thank you for the feedback!


24 months all day long. That’s why I paid $5 more per month on my Giulia.

24 > 36

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Basic math! 24 > 36 !


It’s just good science!:nerd_face:


I’m approaching 12 months on the Alfa and already bored. Can’t imagine going longer than 24 months on my ride.

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If taking over a lease I value decent miles, a low payment and low drive offs. Lease term is important too but takes a backseat to the rest.

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Is this a stelvio? Currently looking for one and interested to know some of the cons.


I hope Delta man doesn’t see this

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Jesus, he ripped me a new one in one of his diatribes for not putting parenthesis around the math, even though he knew exactly what I meant.

To answer the original question…id prefer 24 months unless the incentive payment was too much…then it better be a fantastic vehicle or I’m looking at something else.


I remember. You asked for it, pay attention when doing math next time :grin:


Thank you guys!

What’s funny is, it’s not going to be a hackr who takes this over for an incentive. So I wonder if the SAL plebes prefer a longer term haha


He’s the most condescending person I’ve never met. Could literally care less because I’m certain I go home happier every night than he does :slight_smile:

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I know this is off topic, and maybe both a stupid and personal question, but do you mind if i ask why lease something just to transfer it a few months later? Financially don’t you lose out on the fees due at signing such as registration?


Not a stupid question at all.

I believe the deal on these vehicles is unique enough that I can drive it for 2 months and then:

  1. Transfer it for a profit via the incentive or
  2. Drive it for free for 2 months via the incentive

There’s risk for sure, and I’d love to make money, but worst case scenario, assuming I can cover any expenses leasing up to a transfer.

For example, I’m getting this in the 5s w less than $700 DAS.

In CA, they’re in the 8s-9s w $1000 DAS.

So someone in CA may want to pick it up for a $2-3K incentive.