Lease Transfer Cincinnati Ohio: 2017 Toyota Camry SE - $245.70

Actual Monthly Payment: $245.70
Current Miles: 19,400
Remaining Miles: 10,600
Miles Per Month: 1,178
MSPR: ~$27,250
Leasing Company: Toyota Financial Services
Months Remaining: 9
Lease End Date: 5/1/2019
Exterior Color: Silver Metallic
Interior Color: Ash/Black
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Fully Loaded w/ Navigation, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, Back up Camera, USB and more. Interior trim is a black and ash trim. Non-smoker, well maintained with factory warranty. Excellent condition. Won’t Last, Call or Email Today

To speed up the process, call TFS now and ask them to send you the transfer application form.

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Thanks. I just did! :slight_smile:

is it still available?

Would like to know as well. I’m in Columbus area.