[Lease Transfer] BMW M4 $846/mo after $3,500 incentive - 9 months remaining

Thank you for checking out my listing. I am looking to lease transfer my BMW M4 to a new owner. Please see below for the details:

2017 BMW M4 $87,945 MSRP
Mineral White Exterior
Full Black Merino Leather
DCT Transmission
Competition Package
Drivers Assistance Package
Lighting Package
& other Carbon Fiber Options

Lease End Date: 01/04/2020

5000 miles remaining or 555 miles per month (car is barely being driven right now, so this will not change much)

$1,235 per month with Orange County tax included

$3,500 Incentive
I will cover flatbed shipping up to 1,000 miles from Orange County to keep miles off the car.
$846 per month with incentive
The car has BMW Ultimate Lease Protection + Wheel and Tire Insurance that will come with the transfer at no additional cost. You can lease with a peace of mind knowing you won’t incur expenses at the end of your term. These are not third party products, they are the products offered through BMW directly.

Full details can be found here: http://www.swapalease.com/lease/details/2017-BMW-M4.aspx?salid=1325458



Um, yeah.

Good luck, OP. That’s knocking on $2 per mile.

(Spoiler: this ain’t moving here. 500 miles a month @ a dime for a sub $90k car.)


I appreciate the feedback. Anyone can feel free to message me with an offer.

I don’t think any amount of incentive is going to move this (unless you literally threw like $8,000 at it, and at that point you may as well just turn it in early or buy it out and sell it). 5,000 miles over 9 months means you’re limiting your market to grandparents, people who want an overpriced weekend car, or someone who needs the loyalty rebate in 9 months (though for this price that really isn’t worth it).

But I’ll consider it for an $8,000 incentive.

How far are you from breakeven?

Could Turo it to pay for itself but risky, and breaks your lease T and C’s.

I’ll do it for a $5k incentive :grinning:

OP should take you up on that if you’re serious. That’s a $700/mo payment on a car with only 5000 miles left.

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I can only imagine how happy the sales person was after this deal.


Lol you guys are brutal. Best shot would be to post it on swapalease and hope a idiot less informed consumer thinks it’s a good enough deal to bite. GLWS :+1:


I wouldn’t expect too many people knocking on your door

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just curious,

how much does carvana offer for your car vs your current buyout of the vehicle now?

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Tough crowd… This isn’t a 70K build and fully optioned out. I was shopping a similar build in late 2017 and the monthly seems pretty on par with what prices were at the time (for such a high MSRP).

Compared to the current deals on a M3CS, this looks less appealing, but a the time of the deal it was probably decent.

Yet here we are.

One of my favorite truisms, a la Dr. Drew Pinsky:

“Reality on reality’s terms.”

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Increased incentive to $3,500 bringing the payment down to $846. PM me if interested, but please do not quote Dr. Drew if you do. I can only cringe so much in one day.


I never PM’ed you


You’d rather not do that since BMW does not allow coverage to transfer over.

I’m not doing anything, it’s not my vehicle and I would never put a vehicle I didn’t own on Turo but plenty of people do. Coverage? Are you talking about gap insurance coverage?

Lol I like how he mentioned car is barely driven right now. No shit you drove the shit out of it and are looking to pawn it off on someone else. 1200 a month to lease a 88k m3 crazy

While this is true, my anecdotal experience is different. BMW Service Centers go off VIN for warranty information. Maybe the last two I went to haven’t been doing their due diligence but I picked up a lease transfer and they’ve only ever checked is it within 50k or 4 years…if so, they cover the items under warranty without additional inquiry.