Lease Transfer BMW i3 Chicago $181/month $1400 MSDs+$1250 down 6 month lease

Very short term lease takeover on a well-equipped 2015 i3 is available.
The car:
2015 BMW i3 with Rex
Excellent condition - no accidents or issues. Regularly washed.
Mega Trim
Technology Package (Large Nav screen, Adaptive Cruise Control, BMW Apps)
Parking Package (Reversing camera, parking sensors, auto-parking feature)
Dark grey color
19 inch wheels. Currently wearing winter tires but I’ll have those swapped out for the all-seasons soon. I’m happy to give you the winter tires for free, if desired.

The lease:
Monthly payment: $181
Down payment to me: $1250 (I put money down to get the monthly payment this low, and am just recouping a portion of that amount)
MSD’s (security deposit, which you will receive back directly from BMW at lease end): $1400
(So, the total due to me would be $2650, but you will get back $1400 at end of lease)
Lease end date is October 12, 2018. This can be extended by an additional two months without any issue, if desired.
Mileage: 17K miles as of March 19, 2018. The lease permits 30K miles. You’ve got more than 12K miles to drive in less than 7 months. Tons of miles left, in other words.
So, this is a very short term lease (only 6.5 months remaining).
A great opportunity to try out an electric car with MSRP > $50K without a long-term commitment!
Located in Chicago, IL.

Essentially $400 a month? Ouch

Why “ouch”? You’ve got a 6 month lease on a car that stickers for over $50K, for a monthly payment well under the 1% rule. It’s a great way to try out an electric BMW with zero long term commitment, and then become a BMW lessee to take advantage of their loyalty incentives. Not sure where else you can find anything similar.

Might be worth it without the down payment to preserve MSDs for future BMW leases. The recent price point on 2017 I3 Rex loaners has been in the 150-200 range, which may make it difficult for a hackr to stomach the down payment. I would think it would be easy to find a buyer on the lease swapping sites or Craigslist. Is this a REX or just the BEV?

It’s a Rex.

I’ve been interested in the i3, but can’t find a good deal on a 2017, and I think that window is about to close with lease support stopping probably at the end of this month. Unfortunately, the timeframe of my needs don’t line up at all. I can go without a new vehicle for probably 3-5 months from now (when my daughter goes to college).

You have 0.5 months to do the lease transfer. BMWFS will not allow transfers in the final 6 months.

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The next payment date is April 12. BMW says as long as the initial assumption application is submitted before that date (I checked today), there are no issues re timing. So there are a few weeks to get the ball rolling.

rman, longtime lurker but just signed up so I cannot PM. Can you PM me please? Thanks!

Sorry but not a good deal.
Close to $400 for only 6months …

Agreed, unless someone is per diem employed in chicago and needs to settle for this.

One can easily find a < $200 lease on a 2017 or 2018 i3 Rex (with the larger battery 80 vs. 120 mi electric range).

I’m sure you’ll find a sucker but no self-respecting hackr would do this.

On the other hand, I met a splendid old lady today who was leasing her i3 for 650 a mo! I told her I pay 1/6th of that on mine.

For those claiming that a 2017 or 2018 can be had for less, that is simply not true in the Chicagoland area. I know because I tried to work a deal before moving on with a different option. Importantly, there are no state or utility incentives in this region, unlike CA.
And, even if one is able to find a deal at an equivalent price, you’re going to be locked in for years. The beauty of the short term is complete optionality. Short term leases are almost more expensive for that reason.

@rman “The beauty of the short term is complete optionality. Short term leases are almost more expensive for that reason.”

bruhhhh, I appreciate your poetic words, but you’re trying way too hard. Good luck though =)

This is probably not the best place to try to transfer the lease, since most people here are looking for really good discounts. I understand wanting to recover some of your down payment. I’m guessing you put $7.5K down, which would equate to 1250 every 6 months, but if someone wanted a 36 month lease, they can probably get close the a $400 payment on a 2018 (or maybe much better, though that’s not been my experience in the SouthEast as I’ve looked for one).

It is totally fine for people to try and sell a lease on here, but they need to understand shilling a subpar deal on a message board dedicated to getting the absolute best deal isn’t going to go well. People here are fairly honest and can br ruthless to people who post without doing any homework, but that is the nature of people who are serious about working the best deals.

It is true a 2017 or 2018 can be had for less, look at the number of threads on here about that exact topic. There might not be any deals local to Chicago, but many people here wouldn’t hesitate to travel or ship a car for a deal.

That being said the possible value of this deal is 100% not in the car, but in the perks that can be gained. MSDs for BMW are over for new customers, so if someone was looking at taking advantage of that would need to be grandfathered from a lease like this. Also would qualify you for BMW loyalty (not sure if there are any programs this month or not). Those together could save someone close to the cost of this lease on the right vehicle in the future.

Plus the 2015 BMW i3 is a POS that barely gets 60 miles range in Chicago winters… And the mega is the base trim

Very good points @nalyd

I had not really considered the MSD or loyalty aspect.

Show me where anyone got a 2018 i3 for $200/mo. 2017, sure…

Probably would need to have a 2017 with an MSRP just under 50K to get it in the $200’s. I think the only one near me is around 55K and the dealer doesn’t want to go the 17% discount that I was asking. I also don’t think they have the same incentives as other parts of the country to move it.

Edit: Sorry if I’m taking the thread too far off topic.

So it seems the consensus is that the $1250 down payment is a nonstarter for hackers on this board. Understood, but clearly there is room for a down payment when the monthly payment is only $181, especially if we view this as an 8-month lease in which to amortize a down payment, given BMW’s no-questions-asked free 2-month extension.

As pointed out, the benefits from lease loyalty (currently $2K on the i3 I believe) and MSDs could pay for a big portion of this lease all by themselves.

And, to the poster who pointed out that winters take a toll on electric range, totally true, but this is a Rex so you’ll never be left stranded.

This points to the elephant in the room issue with lease transfers of electric cars - the battery tech is advancing rapidly, making getting out of your lease really problematic.

Unless this was a $150/month lease, why would anyone go for it?