[Lease Transfer] BMW 2018 X5, $499 + tax, $500 DAS (MSRP $59,645)

I am offering to transfer my 2018 BMW X5 sdrive35i SUV.

Lease through BMW Financial
MSRP: $59,645
Lease ends: 09/02/21
36 months with 25 months remaining
10,000 miles per year
Current mileage: 10,855
Mileage allowed at lease end: 34,369
Total miles per month: 870 miles
Monthly payment: $499.12 + tax
Down payment: $500
Car is located in Phoenix, AZ.

19" wheel 450 w/ as rft
Poplar Wood Trim
Navigation system
CO2 relevant vehicles
Power adj. steering column
Sport leather steering wheel
Sport Automatic Transmission
Tire pressure monitor
Universal garage-door opener
Rear view camera
Roof rails in Satin Aluminum
Satin aluminum exterior trim
Privacy glass
Floor mats
Auto-dimming mirrors
Smoker’s package
Lumbar support
Storage package
Heated front seats
Blow-by heater
Park Distance Control
Automatic climate control
Ambient Lighting
Additional 12-V power sockets
LED Fog Lights
Hi-fi sound system
Satellite radio preparation
BMW Assist eCall
BMW TeleServices
BMW Online and BMW Apps
Advanced RTTI
Remote Services
Enhanced USB and Bluetooth
Anthracite headliner
Oil Chg 10,000 mls/12 months
Variable Light Decoding
Daytime driving lights
Transport protection
Tier 2

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MSRP? Features?

Thanks for the feedback I just added it to the top of the post.

Looks like a great deal here

Looks like nice deal. GLWT!

Thanks! Hopefully a hacker gives it a nice new home!

This certainly was an amazing deal! :wink: So much that I got slammed with “can you duplicate” requests for weeks! Anybody that takes this transfer can know they’re getting what was probably the deepest new X5 deal in the history of the forum. Seriously.

Plus you can say you’re driving one of @BMW_Dave’s trophy cars. :trophy: :grin:


BMW Dave knows a deal when calls it! Know any of your customer’s that would take this over from me?

Not off hand but I’ll keep my ear to the ground

Pretty good deal for an X5…but the real question remains: When are you putting the Maserati up for transfer?! :slight_smile:

Wish shipping to NC was not so much. Would take it from you

Plane ticket and drive home over a weekend! :slight_smile:

If this is available in August, I will take it from you. My current lease expires in August.

Why not take it a month early and save the hassle of having to shop then? Could be worth something.

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I would but I don’t think this will be available that long. I’ll be listing it on Swapalease if no Hackr wants it in a week.

I see some folks PM’ing asking if this is the xDrive. Just for clarity this is the sDrive model.

Care to explain how these lease transfers work? And would shipping across the country be available? Thank you

Wonder how much shipping is, this is a great deal. I may be interested for my father but in Nc

Lease transfer is through bmwfs. They send you a credit app in email and if your approved you take over the lease.

Shipping can be arranged through a broker I’ve used in the past. I can put you in contact with him if you Pm me.

I am interested, i live in Phoenix too.