Lease transfer and rebate eligibility (electric)

Looking to assume a lease on an EV and finding it difficult to understand what if anything we might be available for. It looks like CVRP is exhausted (not sure if I would qualify if it weren’t) and then I see a rebate from LADWP but this appears to be a rebate at sale. There is also a $500 incentive paying to install a level 2 charger which I think we would qualify for.

Anyone have experience with this to share?


Federal incentives are only for purchase. CA incentives are only for the original buyer/leasee. It’s presumably baked into any lease you swap into.

You might still be eligible for a credit for home charger install, but not on a car that is already titled.

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Well that sure is a bummer! Time to try to negotiate I guess…

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So if original lessee missed the boat/didnt claim CVRP I am not able to join waitlist or anything?

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