Lease Transfer - 2022 Mazda CX-5 Premium ($450/mo)

Hi All - I have been given a company vehicle and no longer have a need for my lease that has 2 years remaining. Based on the figures I received from my local dealer, the current rate I have is quite good compared to what they would be able to execute now based on the increase in interest rates/money factor.

I figured I would reach out to this group first before investigating other avenues. Been a lurker here for a bit but this is my first post.

**Vehicle:**2022 Mazda CX-5 Premium S (2.5 non-turbo). Blue-ish grey exterior with black interior.
Location: Delaware

MSRP: $32k
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $450/month, includes full wheel and tire coverage

Current mileage: 11,000
Maturity mileage: 36,065
Effective miles per month: 1,000 miles
Maturity date: 02/07/2025

Financial institution: Mazda Financial
Transfer fee: n/a
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Vehicle is in good condition, no aesthetic or mechanical damage. Installed and comes with rubber, all weather mats

Photos: This is the exact same model. It is winter here so the images I currently have are not ideal. Once the weather clears up this week I will detail and take images.

Mazda currently has Lease Transfers on hold.

You should definitely post some real pictures, even if the car is dirty and not ideal. Helps assuage fears that it’s damaged beyond belief.

Update to this thread - as the individual above stated, there is no lease transfer at this time, boo!

Unfortunately I am going to spend my weekend shopping my vehicle at local dealers and hoping I don’t lose more than 2-3k on this lease :frowning:

Thanks everyone

Good luck, and get rid of that, no one should be paying $450 on a Lease. Heck I’m paying less than that on a Loan.

As per OP, Mazda transfers are suspended