Lease Transfer 2019 BMW 750i $366+tax, $8k DAS, 24/10, 23 months left! Florida

Posting this for a friend that got this deal on a demo. The car is practically brand new. he got it with 4670 miles and now it has 5200 miles.

MSRP: $106,745
2 year / 10k lease - Lease matures on May 18, 2021 (23 months remaining)
Current mileage: 5,200 miles (24,670k allowed)
Monthly payment w/o tax: $366
Down payment: $10,000

So $800/month plus tax?

And it’s probably not transferable yet

10k DAS auch!


How does a DP of $10K make it a unicorn?

With 10k down, the effective is $800/month BEFORE tax so ~850/month with tax. This isn’t a unicorn it’s an OK deal that anyone could get walking into a bmw dealership right now because the redesigned 2020s are already on the lot.


So so far from a unicorn. $366 a month makes the mouth water until you move a space to the right and see 10k down. Ouch.

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it is a high MSRP 750 though, problem is that it’s unlikely to find someone on LH who is going to want to part with $10k.

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You are all correct, it is FAR from being a unicorn with the down. I removed the term.

I’m honestly merely passing his wishes. I tried explaining that the most he might get is about $5k, but he wouldn’t listen!

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Agreed. Will do if no one here wants it.

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Get rid of the 10k down and I’m in :slight_smile:


If my friend gets rid of the 10k you wouldn’t be seeing it here, I’d be driving it :wink:

You should stop trolling, really.


My appologies, wasnt meant to be a troll. Good luck with the transfer OP.

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No offense taken :slight_smile:

What is “M Performance Lite”? I’ve been looking at 750s for a while and I’ve never seen that.

Oh corrected ONE month into the deal. Not 3 .

I have no idea what M Performance Lite is. I looked into it too and couldn’t figure it out.

Lite = Less Sugar/calories/weight

Goes fast! Beep beep! :wink:

Yum 101010.