[Lease Transfer] 2019 BMW 430i M-Sport Couple 52K MSRP - Effective payment $390/month

2019 BMW 430i Coupe Excellent condition

Location: Sacramento,CA
Months left: 23 months
Mileage: 10k a year, about 833 a month
monthly payment: $217+ with tax
Color: Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic
Interior: Venetian Beige Sensatec

M-Sport package
Driving Assistance Package
Harman Kardon
Black Kidney Grills
Stainless Steel Pedals
LED door Projectors
Apple Car play
keyless entry

Actual Monthly payment is $217 + Tax a month
Looking for $4000 upfront
which makes effective payment of about $390/month

833 miles per month assumes you’ve not used any of the 10k miles for the year, is that the case?

I have had the car for a month and drove it about 800 miles so for 23 months it has about 19,200 miles left.

4500 is MSDs or just upfront to you?

Upfront no MSDs

Your effective is 422/mo + tax (not accounting for the 540 dollars transfer fee ~446/mo) might be a bit hard of a transfer here especially with the 4 series blowout going on currently, I would try SwapALease, also try posting on Craig’s when I was transferring my car I got a lot of calls from there. Anyways good luck with the transfer

Edit: Damn BMW charged 300 for the black grills, I just grabbed some off amazon for 45 bucks and there perfect lol


That’s a beautiful car OP…I’m a fan of this color✔️ But, I agree with the poster above that this is probably a Swapalease candidate…Or wait another month or two and see if the current BMW 4 series fest comes to an end.


I got a quote for this one from Elk Grove BMW, $246 with tax with only $1750 MSD due at signing, 24/10k

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For someone without loyalty it might still be a winner.

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True could be however I feel like 450ish a month on a 52k 4 series is really acquirable without loyalty, the thing Which I think makes it hard to transfer besides the price would be 1) the color (niche color either you love it or absolutely hate it) 2) it’s the coupe version not the grand coupe (however some people I guess prefer coupes) 3) no xDrive might actually be a + for the west coast (might not be a big issue on the west coast but here on the east coast it’s unheard of having a bmw without xDrive) lol
I just feel like someone would rather pay 450 a month 0 DAS than 217 and put down 4500, but that’s just me
But it is an m sport and those are “harder” to hack than non-msport models so that’s going for it

Also maintenance warranty doesn’t extend to transfers so that’s a huge difficulty as well

However sayin all that this is not a Terrible deal it’s average and someone should deffintley look into it if they want to skip all the negotiating

I’ve considered hacking a few cheap loaners in my area to pass on to other folks here who can’t quite get the best deal but seeing as there’s about a 6-8wk holding period while FS gets the title it just isn’t feasible due to limited garage space and credit being tied up on the off chance i find a steal on some aspirational targets I’ve been chasing.

Doing that always sounds better in theory than it does in practice. In practice people can be flaky and you don’t want to start running a vehicle lot.

Best to hack for yourself or friends/family that can move quickly.

Now, if you took advantage of the BMW rideshare/carshare lease agreements, you could find a lot to store them and rent them out…

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Good point✔️

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Drive offs dropped to 4k
Effective payment about $390