Lease Transfer: 2019 BMW 330i xDrive M Sport 36/12K $54K MSRP

Car has been transferred to another person in NJ.


Hi! I am interested for this lease take over. Can you plz advise how to move ahead.

I messaged you and am ready to proceed. Thanks

Hi @jackals, I am very interested in this transfer if still available. Shoot me a message at your earliest convenience!

Im interested man. Located in nyc as well

How’s it going man? I’m new to this and am interested in taking over the lease. Looking forward to hearing back. Take it easy

I’ve messaged back some people. I had literally around 18 DMs.

I posted above

Quite a deal on a attractive looking and loaded spec

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Are you sure the sticker shown is for the car? I’m no expert, but the picture you posted of the console/media screen does not show heated seats but the Monroney does.

Bimmers have physical buttons for heated seats, it’s standard on my 1st bimmer, which was a 2011 328i.

Heated steering wheel is also a button on the steering wheel.

Correct, and the buttons were not there on the picture that has now been deleted by the OP.

Seems odd that OP deleted the photo without saying anything in response to my first post. :man_shrugging:t4:


Yeah wats up man. Willing to take this off your hands


I know theres probably 50 people ahead of me, but if for some reason it is still available I will definitely take it. Located about 20 minutes from you.

Let me know,

I am in texas but I am l interested , please let me know if you are interested in proceeding

I’m still curious about this too

The MSRP on his post where he signed the deal was $54,215, which doesn’t match the window sticker here

The monthly payment is 396 in the original post and 406 here

Demo mileage was 2800 in original post and 4400 here

OP (@jackals) can you clarify these discrepancies please?



This is screaming scam to me.