[Lease Transfer] 2019 330i $46k MSRP Loaner 35 months remaining ($302/mo + tax, $776 + $2450 MSDs down + transfer fee)

Black on black, live cockpit pro + convenience. 10k miles per year. Bay area.

Mostly just a feeler to see if there is any interest – will transfer it at cost to a local leasehackr.

Love the car but would rather have one with m-sport and am expecting an OL code soon, so would like to take advantage that if possible or maybe try to hop into an I3.

Might be good for someone who doesn’t qualify for loyalty. Would be looking to make the transfer as soon as October. PM me if interested.

My original thread for more details: Signed - 2019 BMW 330i Loaner $302 + tax, $776 DAS + 7 MSDs ($46k MSRP live cockpit pro + convenience)

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Didn’t you just get this? I feel like I read your post

Yeah, just feel like I could have done better on an msport with OL. Not really in a hurry though :slight_smile:

This is a really great deal with no effort for someone looking.

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Pictures? I would prefer 18-24 months, but that monthly is nice.

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Can this be transferred to Arizona? If so, I’d take this.

Not sure, I’d probably have to call in to confirm. Based on searches on the forums it seems possible.

Will try to add some pictures when I get a chance. I’ve added everyone who has replied to my list and will reach out again as October gets closer

Interested but in San diego

I’m feeling this same way. Trying to tell myself that I can’t transfer the car for at least 6 months lol.

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Yeah, I found a couple I’m looking into, but can’t quite get the discount to where I want it to be yet. I’ll probably hold off unless some dealers get motivated later this month. Also, getting Harman/Kardon would be nice. Maybe I’ll try for some M340 loaners next year instead if nothing happens this year.

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Hi, I am interested and want to know how to transfer a lease.

I’m local and would love to take the car off your hands.

Haven’t been able to find any sort of replacement yet. Will probably keep it for a while longer and maybe check back again later.

For now I think this thread can be closed.