(Lease Transfer) 2018 Mercedes C300 Loaner, $309/mo ($278 after incentive), 10 months left, NorCal

My fiancé moved from the west coast to the east coast so we have to transfer her car which we left in California at her sister’s place.

Here is the original thread: (SOLD)MB 2018 C300 Sedan Loaner (SOCAL ONLY) $296 monthly! $1696 DAS

MSRP: $43,695
Lease terms: 24 months, 10k miles/year
Current Mileage: 14,XXX (28,000 allowance)
Months remaining: 10 months (June 14, 2020)
Monthly payment: $309 + tax, $338 total for me
MSDs: $3,600
Color: Polar white with beige interior.
Smartphone integration
LED logo projectors
18 inch rims
Blind spot assist
LED headlights and tail lights

Condition: Excellent condition. We’ve had no issues with the car and MB maintenance plan is included in the monthly payment. Lots of miles left, you can average 1,400 miles/mo for the remainder of the lease term.

Looking for $3300 in MSDs and buyer to pay transfer fee ($695) and qualify for MB Financing. You will get $3600 from MB at the end of the lease.

28,000 miles allowed because the car was a loaner?

That’s correct. It had a little over 8,000 miles when we leased. 24/10k lease so 28,000 mile allowance.

Added $300 incentive.

Had a few people interested nothing finalized yet. We just made the July payment so there’s only 10 payments left now.

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Strange question any way to draft a contract i can prepay the monthly payments? Its not like its a purchase. Vehicle still is owned by bank etc and you can get your full deposit back. Let me know, I can easily just put the vehicle on autopay and register with my insurance Idk just a thought.

(310) 402-6394
Moesid@gmx.com thats my # and email if you want to work something out. I just sold my Lexus a few days ago. Looking for an interim car 10 months till I find a better deal and dont rush would work perfect. You can keep the extra incentive and I can save from the $695 transfer and huge deposits.

No thanks. I would never keep a car in my name while someone I don’t know is driving it.


Lol. correct answer.

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Especially if “Shady” is literally their middle name.



Interested. How does the incentive works?

is this still available?

Pending transfer