Lease Transfer: 2018 MB GLC63 AMG SUV—$899.15 — 15 months

The only GLC 63 for lease transfer on the site!!!


Payment without tax = $1,232.49
36 months lease
Lease start date 07/18/2018
Lease end date 07/18/2021
Miles allowed = 30,011
Cost of each extra mile $0.25

Base price before additional options: $69,900 Price after options: $82,560

Incentive of $5,000 is MAX
$15,000 spent/saved on the following:
Down payment & discount= $10,000
paint protection film $2,500 (on entire front, rocker panels, & door cups)
ceramic window tint $300
trunk cargo tray $150
4 all-season tires $1,000 (in addition to stock summer tires). Tires will last through the lease.

Pristine condition
Smoke free
Break-in service for rear differential oil performed in October 2018
Annual maintenance service performed in July 2019

Can be transferred to out of state.
Credit application is done online via a link sent from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to your email & you hear back from them usually after 24-hours of submitting your credit application (unless it’s on Saturday or Sunday) **** Currently has 13,228 miles (should have at least 17,500 per lease contract) ****Transferring lease because it is not being driven much.

Options are below.

  • white exterior with black interior.
  • Carbon fiber interior trim.
  • 21-inch 5-spoke wheels.
  • AMG performance exhaust
  • AMG track pace app
  • Panoramic roof
  • Advanced lighting package
  • Multimedia package
  • Advanced parking assist package
  • Driver assistance package

I don’t think you have to worry about people contacting you. Quite the payment for the given MSRP.


Definitely won’t contact them if I’m broke. Wow, what a payment.


What a motivation, fellow members! So you 2 know something about payments at my point? Please share your knowledge & motivation behind your comments on the payment of my private lease transfer.

I would pay for help, if I needed it. I do understand where brokers come in here. So of my whole post to advertise, you want to correct my expectations, but only as brokers are concerned?! Thanks but no thanks for no help, fellow member.

They are just saying the monthly cost vs the MSRP is very high (which it is). It would be interesting to look at all the lease numbers (MF, MSD, Residual, Actual sale price of the car, etc…), but with the payment pretax, thats enough to scare most people off.

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As I understand it ‘63s just lease poorly as a rule so it isn’t necessarily the OP’s fault the price ratio is out of bounds for most LH’ers.

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Probably small discount on MSRP coupled with high MF would definitly drive the monthly payment up, i’m not sure what the residuals on the big GLC63’s is :slight_smile:

Needless to mention, the math (msrp vs base monthly payment) is obviously obviously obviously higher. But so what? In what context is it higher. This is an AMG, so they are almost always higher! Unless the AMG is a leftover or for whatever reason is at a killer price, such as at a price that is within your reasonable expectation (but unrealistic for an AMG).

FYI, most AMGs have 36 months residuals (lease sweetspot) in the 40s & low 50s. Add to that the top tier or super tier (best case) money factor of 0.0029. Then, only then one may understand the reality of msrp vs base monthly payment for AMGs.

Pretty much the lease transferee will be saving more than $15k for my GLC63 & keep it for 20 something months. The transferee can transfer it again to someone else. My lease will move, it is just a matter of time.

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Ok so you want to know the money factor? Ok it is 0.0025. The residual I think (not gonna double check) was in the low 50s, for sure.

Look at the sale prices on used (specifically the recently turned in 3-year leased 63 AMGs) & talk to people who sold theirs. The prices for 3-year old ones, comparable to GLC63 (i.e. 2015-2016 AMG C63), with 30k -45k miles are above lease residuals at the time they were leased. That is assuming they are accident free. Very good chance that ones with some negative history (i.e. accidents) sell for around residuals.

Just my cent + cent = my experience

Look mate, you are probably right. However, you don’t see a lot of MB activity on this forum for a reason. Average here is 1% off MSRP. That means a lot of people get cars with monthly <1% of the MSRp. In your case, you are wayyy above that bench-mark.

SAL would be your better option to try to get rid of the car.


We’re aware you’re already taking a bath on this through front cost and tires of course, Your loss is the next persons gain which is why I said GLWT in my first post as good vibes. :slight_smile:

I will LOVE to keep her in my life. But would also love (with mixed feelings of sad) to let her go.

Either way no bath for me over something like this! Please God do not change my situation!!!

Don’t think ‘63 are possible to hack in the 1% region outside of an extraordinary discount off MSRP. The star (MBZ) isn’t exactly known for giving away their cars like BMW does (much to our fortune)

Good vibes, only good vibes, brother/sister.
Cheers! :beers:

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If there is positive equity why not just sell it to vroom or carvana? Will be a faster transaction.


Because there isn’t :stuck_out_tongue: After a year? Comon man, you know better :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a beautiful monster

Yeah, no equity yet.