[Lease Transfer] 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Sport $340/month, zero down

Hello all-
I’m looking to get out of my lease. This was 48 month lease and there is 34 months left as of now.
It’s in great condition. Driven for 4,000 miles only. You are looking at 36,000 miles left till the lease expiration. The registration was paid in this April. So, you are good for another year. PLUS, there is a $500 cash incentive.

Please see below for details.

Let me know if you need any additional information.
Thanks…!! :slight_smile:

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Good deal for a JKU. Actual pics of the jeep would generate more interest. Good luck!!

Well noted. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

okay. so i got an email from this person on craigslist.
He offered me to pay with cashier’s check that they don’t even want to see the car…
Below is a copy of the email conversation

“Alright… Am okay with the price and the condition of the item my method of payment is via cashier check,after the check clears and you have your money with you,I have a reliable movers that will handle the pickup are you fine with that?”

Does it seem to be legit? I asked him to meet up in person at local gas station. But he refused, then asked for my mailing address with my full name before even seeing the car. I think it seems a little sketch…
What do you guys think??

Absolutely, 100% a scam.The check will turn out to be fake. This is an old and well known scam.


Classic craigslist scam, as @RobC2 said. Don’t respond.

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here’s a similar scam using PayPal…

Ouch. Thanks for the look out.
I almost gave him all of my personal information.

Yeah the only way that’s legit is if he’s not local. But anyone buying a car at that price sight unseen would likely have you take it to a local mechanic they hire as well.

@Supakimchee agree

I just added a $500 cash incentive!!

anyone interested??

I am interested, can you call me?

(347) 757-2222

NY number, but I’m moving to Palmdale region for new job on 19th of this month.

Available still??