[Lease Transfer] 2018 Infiniti Q60S - TX - $559/mo - No Money Down!


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2018 Infiniti Q60S - Silver Sport located in DFW, TX.
White Exterior, Black Interior

Lease Term: 39 mo, 31 months remaining
Monthly Payment: $559.79
Current Miles: ~9,500
Mileage Allowance: 39,030 (953/mo remaining)

Just driving too much and need to get out so I don’t go way over mileage. Been a great car. Does have an Infiniti installed black grille as well. Will add pictures tonight (one on SAL is a stock photo of a red sport)


Just making sure you’re aware that IFS holds the original leasee liable for the duration of the lease, even once transferred!


Yup, sadly I am.

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Photos added to SAL link