[Lease Transfer] 2018 C63 AMG 1060 m/o inc - Southern California


I can send the sticker along with additional photos upon request. 77k msrp- ~930 miles per month. 26 months left. More details upon request.

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why dont you just put the information in the post so those who would actually take over the lease will contact you ?


put it on swapalease instead. these dont lease well but the payment is still super high for 77K car


Because I didn’t have access to the sticker when I posted it. I also didn’t have enough time to do a full write up because I was tied up. I intend to when I get home later. I posted enough pertinent information for somebody to reach out if they are interested.


This isn’t a terrible payment for the car in its class. RS5/Giulia Quadrifoglio lease around this much. The M3 just has a ton of lease support.

I’d take the C63 over the M3. V8 power is hard to beat in these cars. Full of life.

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Oh yeah I’d take the c63 for sure. In my humble opinion this is better as a finance though.


actually not a bad payment for this car…

I have one that is 1080 with tax and I worked to get that

if you look on swap a lease they are going for 1300 to 1400

and if your comparing this car to a RS5 which is way different and their payments are way 1300

and the other is a alfa and can’t even compare to a German car, may drive well but thats it

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Just bc you or others on Swapalease got it around this price, doesn’t mean it was a good deal?


Are you aware of a better one floating around? If so I’d be very interested in snagging it.


The Quadrifoglio is objectively the better driving and handling car. Faster, as well I believe.

The C63 has the V8 and sounds amazing, so does the Quad as it’s a Ferrari sourced V6. The c63 is definitely more luxurious feeling and slightly better, reliability-wise.


The best I can recall seeing would be in the $900s but that was due to different deal factors. $1k is in line with what a c63 goes for.


didn’t say it was a good deal…

for the car It is a good deal


I prefer the AMG too, but went with the M3 because of the lease prices as well.

But while the V8 sounds infinitely better even bone stock then an M3 or 4 can ever hope to, the BMW straight 6 absolutely is the better motor for torque and power. Cat delete and tune on both and the M3 is a 10 second car. The C63 needs a turbo upgrade to even attempt that.

But stock for stock I would take the AMG everytime.

This is a decent deal on someone looking for this car, best color too.

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