Lease Transfer 2018 BMW

please remove this …

Leasehackers about to end this mans whole career


Out of curiosity, how much did you put down originally?

you got bigger problems than this bad lease deal, my friend


Is this consider a bad deal for a M2?

Yeah. Yours does seem to have every option available which might make it a little more desirable - but you will have to ask for way less of a down payment. Try Swapalease

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ok, then what do you think is the best incentive amount to move the car out, I mean, relatively this is a “not so bad” for a m2 with that MSRP. Especially when you look at the low buyout.

Bells and whistles are nice to have indeed, that high entry price though is going to scare a lot of people away though, especially the LH crowd.


You’ll have to do some research. Asking for 0 down and just MSD, this will probably go pretty quick. I could see someone on Swapalease or a local for sale site biting eventually @ $1-2K down, but it could take a few months. Requiring MSDs also makes it a lot harder to move the vehicle, since people generally don’t understand them well. This is also a regular M2, with the old engine, not the M2 competition (unless I’m mistaken). These factors could cause you to be holding onto the car for a while


Thanks for the advice, i think I will provide 1000 incentive on the down and the transfer fee. Yeah, this is not the competition, but N55 with MPE obviously have a better exhaust note, and which is a more balance car (50:50). I think at least this is by far the best M2 deal we can see.

This is not even that horrible of a deal for an M2. These cars do not lease well… People should start doing more research before crapping on others FS threads.


Thanks man, I think this is the deal for those who loves M2. If you rolling in every payment and thinking of buying at the lease end, it gives you over 10% of discount on this car.

10 grand up front and 700 a month is pretty expensive for a girlfriend


New update, I will only collect 2500 down +4900 MSD.

Post some pictures. It’s a good deal for an M2, but your problem is that the car is for a pretty niche market.

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Agree totally. And then ~$5k in MSD takes that niche, and pares it down to a sliver of a niche. Lots of people are skittish of the MSD thing, for reasons of varying validity.

Good luck!

Great car. Would love it but upfront down was too high.

Ikr the down-payment after rolling in the MSDS is a bit high. As you will get it at the end of the lease. I think it is a fair deal.
for a 67k M2. this is effectively 770 (0 due, including tax). I think this is consider “not bad” for a fully loaded M2.

This is a strong deal for an M2; I briefly shopped one of these a few years back and was fielding 900-1000/month quotes. I’m sure you can unload this fairly quickly on swap-a-lease, if not here.

Good luck!

What gets the MSRP so high ? Building new 2020 with Executive Package and

M Double-clutch Transmission and destination comes up to just under 64k.